Raquetta Dotley: First 100 Days Of Building Stronger Communities

  • Tuesday, January 12, 2021
Raquetta Dotley
Raquetta Dotley

As the March 2nd Election Day quickly approaches, I want to share my agenda as I hope to move into the first 100 days as the first African American female for Chattanooga City Council District 7. My campaign is all about Building Stronger Communities. This implies that the people in District 7 are resilient, passionate, and already have strong roots that should be nurtured.  After canvassing, attending meetings, and hearing the voices of the residents in District 7, my first 100 days will focus on harnessing the power of the collective voices in the community and moving their agenda forward. 

Neighborhood Equity: District 7 Council

A question that has been repeatedly asked is, “How do you plan to bring the district together?” This question is the core of my approach to neighborhood equity.

Within my first 100 days I will establish a District 7 Council that will consist of 2-3 representatives from each neighborhood in the district. This council will meet regularly to communicate concerns, be informed on city matters, and to build bridges between neighborhoods. It is imperative to create a space for ALL communities to be heard and to understand the unique issues that each neighborhood is facing. This type of communal effort will have lasting impacts on reconciling community tensions and moving District 7 forward, collectively. 

Economic Development: Budget Review

It was made very clear that Chattanoogans want their concerns to be reflected in the budget. During the first 100 days, I plan to be thoroughly engaged in the budgeting process to ensure that resources are allocated to priority areas and that we as city leaders are held accountable for the people’s money. 

Infrastructure and Transportation: Paving and Speeding

A concern that is shared across District 7 (and most of the city) is the frustration with hazardous road conditions including potholes, warped pavement, metal sheets that have been in some communities for months, all with no repair plans in sight. In addition, speeding is a concern in many neighborhoods, which makes the streets unsafe for both them and their families. I will work with community leaders and the Chattanooga Department of Transportation to address these concerns and move toward an equitable solution. 

Consistent Presence Matters

I will continue to be accountable and transparent to the constituents of District 7, by being in consistent communication about issues and concerns, attending neighborhood meetings, connecting with local business owners, and by sharing opportunities that can enhance their quality of life.

These first 100 day goals will set the tone for my term as the first African American City Councilwoman for District 7. I will be the people’s representative. I will be accountable, dependable, and community conscious. We will Build Stronger Communities together in District 7.


 Raquetta Dotley for City Council District 7

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