End The UTC Sports Nightmare - And Response (3)

  • Saturday, November 27, 2021

UT Chattanooga’s loss today to the College of Charleston was embarrassing. I believe Coach Paris has done great things since he has been there, and hopefully today's loss will wake them up.  But no losses could wake up the football team that should have been 9 and 2.

The women’s basketball team, I know they have several good players out, but the trend since the loss of Coach Foster has been downhill.  Wrestling, Women’s Volleyball, Softball, Cross Country all downhill.  A school that should dominate the Southern Conference in every sport is the doorstep in every sport.  A school that had several great rivalries has seen all the schools move out of the Southern Conference or they quite playing the schools that brought great crowds to Chattanooga.

Will it end?  Maybe going to Division III or a club level in every sport will help, but I doubt it.  Close the athletic department. As a graduate of the University and former contributor to the athletic program let’s put it to rest.  Let’s end this nightmare.

Douglas Smith

* * *

Mr. Smith…on behalf of all true Moc fans, please never attend another UTC athletics event again. We don’t need you.

Have a Merry Christmas though.

Kevin Lusk
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Mr. Smith,

You'd be much better off cheering for the Tide. Sounds like you are a front runner. Of course, sooner or later, (most likely not while Saban is there) they will take a downward turn too. Then you'll be looking for another program you can associate yourself with. 
Better yet, why don't you pick up crocheting, not a lot of disappointments with that I don't suppose.
Sounds like you aren't cut out to be a sports fan.

Best regards, 

Gary Snodgrass
* * *
Mr. Smith,
A 2-point loss is hardly embarrassing, more heartbreaking for a team that work their tails off on a daily basis. They have a record of 5-1 so far for the season; which one of those wins was to VCU, a team that has been to 9 of the last 10 NCAA tournaments.


To say that UTC sports is a nightmare, is a slap in the face to all of the young men and women who work tirelessly their whole lives to get to the collegiate level.


Julie Chambers   



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