You Are Still Fired - And Response (2)

Friday, December 3, 2021

A month ago, I sent an email to all Tennessee senators and representatives regarding medical mandates, imploring them to do something to protect the citizens of Tennessee from the tyrannical governmental overreach currently happening in our state and our nation.

Yesterday, I received my one and only reply (I did receive a form letter from Senator Blackburn’s office and was added to her email blast) from Senator Ken Yager, along with “an attachment of a memo that has been prepared to summarize the steps taken during the 3rd Extraordinary Session of the Tennessee General Assembly.”

It also states:

“Since that time, an order has been put in place from the USDC Western Division of Louisiana granting an injunction against the CMS vaccine mandate. This injunction applies nationwide.  Also, the order from the USDC Eastern Division of Kentucky on federal contractor mandates states that ‘The Government is ENJOINED from enforcing the vaccine mandate for federal contractors in Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee.’”

This is great news for many (for now), but what does this mean for those who have already lost their livelihoods due to these unconstitutional medical mandates?

The Omicron COVID variant has been detected, and has instantly become the newest tool for fear and control – even before we know the danger of this variant. Will we move from “yesterday’s heroes” to “today’s unvaccinated, unusable waste” and back again to “today’s hometown heroes” now that winter is coming and a new variant has emerged?

This pandemic seems intentionally endless and so do the cliches, especially when human beings are at the core of the issue. The global dehumanization of people who understand that their body belongs solely to them and not to any governmental entity – regardless of pressure to conform for the greater good when true scientific data does not support that premise – will be written as one of the biggest tragedies of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Human beings.


Will HCA, Bluecross Blueshield of Tennessee, St. Thomas Medical Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and many others call their employees back? Doubtful. The order on federal contractor mandates is welcome relief and good news for many, but for others it’s just another sensational headline.

The terminated are looking for work, filing for unemployment, or simply trying to figure out how to get through the remainder of the year and the shock of all that has transpired in their lives. Compliance is the goal and resistance to tyrants comes with a price.

An excerpt from the summary memo from Senator Yager also states:

“I am pleased to inform you that the legislature responded to the citizens of Tennessee by calling a third extraordinary session of the 112th General Assembly to address the overreaching health care mandates, a measure I signed along with the other members of the Senate Republican Caucus. Your input made a difference…

In addition, the General Assembly passed a resolution calling on the Tennessee Attorney General to fight the unconstitutional mandates coming from the federal government. The Biden Administration has issued vaccine mandates for health care workers, federal employees and contractors, as well as private sector employees working in businesses with over 100 employees. Tennessee’s lawsuit was filed earlier this month, joining other states in pushing back against this federal overreach. We are hopeful this action will reach the U.S. Supreme Court soon and that it will be ruled unconstitutional.

I want to thank everyone who contacted me with their concerns regarding the COVID-19 mandates. The legislation which has been signed into law is a reasonable approach to vigorously protect individual rights, while protecting our most vulnerable citizens.”

“Individual rights” and “our most vulnerable citizens.” Human beings. People.

As stated, compliance is the goal and resistance to tyrants comes with a price. The federal government, stagnant local governments, and despotic leaders of corporations are exhibiting a lack of awareness and a failure to understand the basic concept that “what goes up must come down.”

American conservative author and The Daily Wire talk show host Candance Owens tweeted yesterday:

“There will eventually be human rights trials over the treatment of citizens during COVID. For those of you in business, media and government who have worked to abet these injustices: do note that while it’s fun to be in power, when tyranny collapses – and it always does – you will pay.”

When this time does come, perhaps in 2022 during the elections, the sacrifice of all those who stood up against these mandates will not have been in vain. There is a cost to standing up against tyranny, but you will be among those counted as having stood for the rights of all people and the rejection of false ideologies that have historically destroyed countries and lives. Human lives. People.

Holly Abernathy

Holly Abernathy is a communications and creative arts professional. For more information, visit

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Ms. Abernathy is doing a lot of talking about individual rights and about medical choice. In fact, a lot of people have been echoing her sentiment lately when talking about vaccinations. From all the rhetoric they've been spouting, I expect that Ms. Abernathy and those that agree with her passionate plea are eagerly awaiting the Supreme Court's decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization and the impact it could have on individual freedom and medical choice. 

It seems to me that the people who are so insistent about their individual rights and their right to choose to be unvaccinated would want the precedent set by Roe v. Wade to remain intact. You act like walking around unvaccinated is some supreme declaration of freedom and patriotism - how is abortion any different? It all boils down to individual rights and medical choice, right?

Look forward to seeing y'all at the next pro-choice rally.

Amanda Jenkins

* * *

Dear Holly,

I very much enjoy your quality writing and views.  Keep writing and ignore your detractors, because they will always be your detractors.

Thank you for sharing information and perspective.

April Eidson

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