Roy Exum: Will The Trial Be Fair?

Monday, March 15, 2021 - by Roy Exum
Roy Exum
Roy Exum

In two weeks one of the most explosive trials in all of America’s history will get underway in Minneapolis, Minn.  It is pretty obvious that white police officers used uncommon force in arresting a black man who was unarmed, yet who was overtly defiant to the police officers and did not obey their pleas to calm down. While George Floyd was being physically restrained with a long-established method known as “a choke hold,” the career criminal repeatedly cried out that he could not breathe, this while fighting with the police, and the officers increasingly desperate to control an unfolding catastrophe.

George Floyd, age 46, was visibly troubled even before the first officer tapped on his car window, as we can see through tapes from at least two or maybe three police officers’ body cams that have been released to the public domain. Having taken illicit drugs that erased all reasoning and now suffering horribly in a siege of overdose, Floyd fought with the police for a good 30 minutes.

What’s worse, Floyd, once an imposing and powerful college athlete who stood 6-4 and weighed 240, was “filled to the brim” with a lethal dose of the powerful narcotic fentanyl, and on Memorial Day last year, only one thing was clear to Floyd – “I can’t breathe!”

Why? His lungs were filled with increasing body fluids (pulmonary edema.) He was gasping from a lack of oxygen no matter which way he would stand, sit, or lay… yet breathing was easiest when he would stand. Medical doctors explain this simple act of gravity may have allowed the rapidly increasing edema to settle below the ever-diminished air space at the top of each lung.

All the while, the savage fentanyl was causing his body to create more “water in his lungs,” which quickly overcame the remaining oxygen levels inside the lungs. Rapidly, the too-small volume of air space was replaced with the edema and Floyd’s lungs were insufficient to sustain life. This is why I personally believe that George Floyd actually drowned to death by his own hand.

When police first approached Floyd, it was immediately clear to see he was scared – that’s right – terrified out of his wits. His raging thirst for oxygen had overcome all else. In his overdosed state, Floyd couldn’t discern what was happening inside of him, and he absolutely panicked. It is also my personal belief that while officer Chauvin was still holding his muscular body in the choke hold, George Floyd suffocated and died before the ambulance team ever arrived on that fateful day last May.

So, the root question in the trial is this: Did Derek Chauvin and several other police officers murder Floyd by a choke hold and other restrictive means, allowing the perpetrator to suffocate or drown to death while he was in the custody of the Minneapolis Police Department? Or did George kill himself in what we might term, “an involuntary drug-induced suicide.” The fact could be argued that Floyd had three times the lethal amount of fentanyl in his system because he wasn’t cognizant of what he was doing.

Based on all available medical knowledge, there is a popular theory among emergency room doctors and law enforcement drug experts alike who have repeatedly studied his behavior in the videos, Floyd was “terminal” before the MPD officers first arrived over a counterfeit $20 bill Floyd attempted to use to buy cigarettes.

Regardless of who killed who, the biggest victim has been the United States. Far more, what will the verdict mean to an already sensitive America?

SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW:  Earlier this week, workers in Portland, Oregon, started taking down the barriers and the fencing around the Mark Hatfield Federal Courthouse. Then, on Thursday night, President Joe Biden addressed the American people on live television. Within an hour or two of Biden’s speech, a group of over black-clad troublemakers, each the surly type, screamed something about “it’s the same kind of presidency we had with Trump,” and stormed the Hatfield courthouse. Fires were set, the protesters ripping away the protective plywood from doors and windows, and one guy was so undone that he used his scooter to break a window down.

Over 100 of the protesters were “detained’ and another 15-20 were arrested and jailed. Again, this was on Thursday. Over 100 more showed again on Friday as a signal the protesters ain’t about to relinquish their newly found vocation. Going into the weekend, it is a cinch the warm weather will heat up similar criminal events.

SOMETHING ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOW:  The liberal city of Minneapolis agreed on Friday to pay the family members of George Floyd $27 million to settle a civil lawsuit. Floyd, a known thug who some medical officials and forensic law enforcement experts believe was a victim of drug overdose, died on May 25. The initial death reports, collaborated by a video that was taken by a bystander, was easily the most horrifying piece of evidence I have ever seen. It lasts for about four minutes and viewer discretion is advised. This tape has been watched over 5 million times. To see the initial video, CLICK HERE.

SOMETHING ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOW: George Floyd was chock full of drugs before he was choked. He was apprehended for allegedly using counterfeit money to buy a pack of cigarettes. When the police attempted to subdue Floyd, a cell phone video emerged, that horrified the nation with its chilling “I can’t breathe.”

But soon another tape emerged, this much-longer version harder to watch than the “world famous” version because we all knew by now that George Floyd was amid an overdose. Way before the video choke hold, he repeatedly told all four officers at one point or another in the longer tape: “I can’t breathe” and now we know why.

Police officers asked him twice had he taken drugs and twice he said no. The truth is autopsies found Floyd had 11 nanograms of the toxic drug fentanyl per milligram of blood (is his body) – three to four times what is lethal for a human being. He also suffered from a heart condition which causes pulmonary edema and can cause death if untreated quickly. Upon autopsy, his lungs weighed 2 ½ times more than what is normal.

According to hospital sources, the reason Floyd said he could not breathe was because his lungs were so filled with edema and one of the worst side effects of fentanyl is that it aggressively triggers additional heart conditions and – what? -- causes more edema.  Here’s a great over-view from, the Wall Street Journal. CLICK HERE.  

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This 30-minute tape may be offensive to some readers, which is why it has this disclaimer. To many gentle souls we offer this disclaimer before those who may watch it should shield small children and the family’s dogs from its content. CLICK HERE.

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This entire case has come to the point it is huge but secondary in the big scheme. Whether Derek Chauvin or George Floyd committed murder/suicide is the question, but we need the wisdom of the Bible’s King Solomon on this one. For example: What if George Floyd had been white? I feel certain we would have never heard about it. We would not have had over $2 billion in wanton criminal activity, a true-enough felon we’ve unbelievably hammered into a martyr, nor a now-ticking charger attached to a bomb far more deadly than any atomic device.

But, no, Floyd was – in reality – a mere pawn in a very evil game and here is how I know. As President Biden was speaking to the nation on Thursday, well over 100 rioters were being assembled somewhere near Portland. At the very moment Biden wished the nation goodnight, the poet William Shakespeare’s immortal words ran true. “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.” (Julius Caesar, Act III, Scene I, William Shakespeare 1599)

You know, I know, black people know, white people know, and the world-wide people know that there ain’t no way rioters are going to show up in Portland over 100 straight nights without room and board, much less a handsome stipend of sorts. Why hasn’t our FBI identified and prosecuted the enablers of such vermin?

These hoodlums were bitterly upset when Biden won the election because it killed their business worse than COVID hit the American economy. Seriously, what we are seeing is a well-orchestrated effort by paid soldiers to destroy America.

Whether Chauvin is declared guilty of far less charges, set free, or sentenced to life doesn’t really matter. It was proven Thursday in Portland, and again on Friday. Believe me, the rioters from last summer are eager and trumped up, so to speak. The weekend practice sessions in Portland proved they have lost none of their swagger and are eager to get back on the payroll.

Cry havoc, indeed. Let slip the dogs of war.

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