Detective Guay Uses High-Tech Skills To Help Solve Crimes

  • Thursday, April 22, 2021
  • Mitch Talley
Detective Chris Guay (center) holds his certificate he received for being named Whitfield County Employee of the Month for February. Congratulating Guay at the April 13 County Commission meeting are Sheriff Scott Chitwood (right) and Commission Chairman Jevin Jensen.
Detective Chris Guay (center) holds his certificate he received for being named Whitfield County Employee of the Month for February. Congratulating Guay at the April 13 County Commission meeting are Sheriff Scott Chitwood (right) and Commission Chairman Jevin Jensen.
photo by Mitch Talley

Solving crimes in a high-tech world sometimes requires more than old-school police work.

Detective Chris Guay of the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office uses his extensive knowledge of cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices that often hold data that ultimately helps solve many cases.

“As an analyst, Detective Guay’s skills shine the brightest. He has been instrumental in the arrest of several offenders to include murder, kidnappings, armed robbery, and child molestations, all from the analytical work he has done,” says Sergeant Jose M. Rivera, who nominated Detective Guay as Whitfield County Employee of the Month for February.

Detective Guay also helps the office coordinate the dissemination of the most up-to-date communication equipment such as cell phones and mobile computer terminals – “tools that are invaluable in the field with following up with each criminal investigation,” Sergeant Rivera said.

One of Detective Guay’s strongest attributes, according to Sergeant Rivera, is his great communication skills. “These communication skills assist Detective Guay when he is called upon in stressful scenes such as a hostage situation,” he said. “He serves as our office hostage negotiator and is also often called upon to conduct interviews with suspects involved in major crimes and never backs away from the challenge.”

As a senior detective in the Criminal Investigation Division, Detective Guay always makes himself available and provides sound advice and suggestions to other officers, who often look up to him for guidance on how to proceed with their investigations, Sergeant Rivera said.

“Detective Guay possesses advanced investigation skills,” he added. “He is innovative, persistent, and thinks outside the box when investigating each and every crime.”

Detective Guay has been employed by the Sheriff’s Office since March 10, 2003 and has held the positions of detention officer, sergeant over the Inmate Housing Division, and detective/analyst since 2005. He has furthered his education with the goal of being able to better serve the citizens of Whitfield County and holds a master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Valdosta State University. He has also obtained his intermediate, advanced, and instructor certifications.

To help local citizens get to know him better, Detective Guay took a few moments to fill out the following questionnaire.

Name: Chris Guay
Job title: Detective

Time with the county: 18 years, 15 of which has been in the detective’s office.
My current role as a county employee: Investigating an assortment of crimes committed in Whitfield County as well as conducting cell phone forensics for our department as well as other external agencies.

What do you like the most about your department, team, or role? Despite being a stressful and at times high-stakes job, I feel thankful to know that I am supported by my co-workers and superiors from our sergeants up to the Sheriff himself. This support from them and my fellow officers from all departments is required in order for all of us, me especially, to be able to do my best. I am also thankful that I can serve a community that supports law enforcement and understands the necessary role we play to keep our community safe and peaceful. 

Most successful project you and your team completed? Investigating as well as assisting other investigators in investigations that have led to successful convictions on numerous high-profile cases over the years such as those that have involved cases such as murder.

What advice would you give to a new person starting on your team? Be willing and receptive to learning anything whether it is through training classes that you attend or from fellow officers. Don't be afraid to ask questions - that is how I've learned as much as I have over the years. Also, don’t ever burn a bridge, you may have to cross that bridge again one day.

Favorite Whitfield County restaurant or activity: There are too many great restaurants in Whitfield County to narrow it down to one: Old School BBQ in Rocky Face can bring you the best wings anywhere anytime - just call ahead! The Engine Room has a great comfort food buffet! Los MaGuey’s - the Mexican restaurant in Tunnel Hill is my normal go-to. It has the all-around best food, drinks, and service!

You’d may be surprised to learn that I:  Am a first-generation United States citizen; my parents were not from here “Eh?”

Anything else you’d like to share: I hope to continue to serve my community for many more years as a detective.


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