Soddy Daisy Needs A Real Emergency Room - And Response (2)

  • Tuesday, October 4, 2022

I am a longtime resident of north Hamilton County, living in what is now Soddy Daisy. A few years ago, I cut my leg using a chainsaw. My wife drove me to an emergency room in Red Bank. After waiting for what seemed like a long time, I was told I would need to go to their downtown location to be sewn up. They told me, “There’s nobody here who can sew you up!”

Frustrated, my wife took me downtown and after waiting again, I saw a doctor who sewed up my wound.

I received a bill for that first emergency room visit where they did nothing to help me. 

Having an emergency room nearby would have been better. If we have an emergency room in Soddy Daisy, I will feel better knowing that they will figure out what is wrong with me and send me where I need to go without waiting to find out they can’t do anything there.   

Paul Dodd 

* * * 

As the mayor of Soddy Daisy, I have the distinct honor of serving our city and advocating for the best interests of the community. I express my full support for Parkridge Health System’s plans to develop a freestanding emergency room in the Soddy Daisy community. 

I am a strong advocate for bringing more healthcare services to the area for residents. The Soddy-Daisy, Sale Creek and surrounding communities have no local access to hospital ER services.

Parkridge Health’s ER project would greatly enhance emergency medical access to this growing part of Hamilton County. The proposed location offers convenient access for those who typically travel outside the proposed service area for emergency medical care.  

Rick Nunley
Mayor, City of Soddy Daisy 

* * * 

As a nurse and resident of Soddy Daisy for the past 35 years, I understand the benefit that an emergency room close by would bring to the community. That is why I support Parkridge’s proposed emergency room in Soddy Daisy. It would save lives and be a benefit to the health of the community. 

Right now, the closest facility is Erlanger North, a 20-minute drive from where we are. That time is precious during a medical emergency and building a facility closer to town would save lives.

The drive is so bad that some nurses are hesitant to move up here because they don’t want to be that far from an ER. Building one here in Soddy-Daisy would make sense for everyone and give the people of this community some peace of mind.

Liane Holt

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