What Ever Happened?

  • Friday, December 2, 2022

Philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau once remarked the last resort of a great princess, who when told the peasants had no bread, replied: “then let them eat brioche.”

When told of people struggling to feed their families with the fastest rise in prices in 30 years, former US Rep Patrick Maloney, D-NY, had a suggestion for them: eat Chef Boyardee (Washington Free Beacon 11/7/22). Maloney lost his election.

Now we read of that great president, Joe Biden, serving up 200 butter-poached lobsters flown in from Maine to French President Macron. This isn’t faring well with the Maine lobstermen. In an effort to protect whales that environmentalists say get tangled in lobster trap ropes, the White House is pushing regulations which will severely impact the lobstermen’s livelihood.

The lobstermen see this as an inconsistency with the demand for 200 lobsters for Biden’s attempt to impress his French counterpart (NBC Alex Seitz-Wald 12/1/22). It’s not inconsistent with history, however, as French royalty frolicked in elegance and otherworldly charm, dining sumptuously while the people struggled.

How ironic for this to be happening with the French president in attendance, but it does raise a significant question that Biden should be expected to answer? What ever happened to Chef Boyardee?

Ralph Miller

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