Questions For The Drag Queen Show Organizers

  • Thursday, September 29, 2022

No amount of blind disregard by the City Council should deter anyone from asking questions about a drag show held in a local brewery. The drag show was marketed for children. I am so proud of Hamilton County citizens for stepping up and demanding an investigation. The best interests and protection of children does not have a political ideology or party.  I know that must disappoint the aforementioned.

The drag show was marketed as open to children or “kid friendly” in a public venue brewery. It is the public’s business, as this was a public event. 

There should be an examination of why tender aged children are being targeted as an audience for drag shows. The drag show at the brewery was not drag queen’s first in Chattanooga. Drag Queen Story Hour has been in Chattanooga appearing at two separate venues that have been identified so far, and were specifically marketed to children and their parents. There is a chapter called, Drag Queen Story Hour of Tennessee.  The access to children by drag queen is not limited to just the brewery.

I simply want to know why drag queens need access to other people’s children?

What exactly is the intended purpose of drag queens mixing with tender aged children?  It is rather bizarre. Surely, drag queen event organizers could explain why they need access to the children of Hamilton County.

My questions are reasonable and need answers.

How do tender age children benefit as the viewing audience of a drag queen show of men dressed as women? Example: the man in green from the video.

Why are children being allowed to ignore physical boundary rules by touching adults, unknown to them, at the drag show? What purpose does allowing the children to touch the drag show adult participants serve?

Why do the adult drag performers and organizers seek out a young child audience as they did in this case, citing a “kid friendly” drag show in a brewery?

Why not leave tender age children out of the events of men dressing up as women? What could that hurt?

April Eidson

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