Another Dip In The Wamp Swamp - And Response (2)

  • Wednesday, January 25, 2023

County Mayor Wamp’s proposal to take federal funding already earmarked for repairing our smelly and outdated sewers and give some of that money to put up outdoor lights at East Hamilton High smells worse than Market Street in August.

First, the city is compelled to eventually comply with a Consent Order entered with the Feds over 11 years ago. Both mayors have kicked this poo poo can down the road for over a decade.

Second, Chattanoogans outgrew our sewer system once Hamilton Place Mall was built and became a magnet for new homes. Now the new homes are being built in Ooltewah, on family horse farms. Hamilton County has undergone drastic growth without any update to our sewer system. If we want to continue to grow our tax base, our infrastructure must grow as well. If not, industry will continue to locate in North Georgia instead of Hamilton County.

Finally, aren’t you tired of County Mayor Wamp picking a weekly fight with the Hamilton County Commission? I miss the good old days when our elected officials spent less time bickering, and more time brokering for new industry and jobs.

C. Mark Warren

* * *

Mr. Warren, couldn't agree with you more. It appears that Mr. Wamp is more focused on keeping the fight going with the commissioners and with Attorney Taylor rather than what the people were told Mr. Wamp, himself said he would do. So why can't East Hamilton raise money themselves if they need lights?

Things like the sewer system needs to be fixed. But Mr. Wamp is too busy to care, he wants the new technical school, which I am all for because we need a place that the blue collar life can be taught, but we also need a mayor who will keep his word.

It would be nice if Mr. Wamp would stop stomping his feet because he isn't getting his way, and do the job that he said he would. Come on, we need to work together and stop fighting with each other. Mr. Wamp promised the people of Hamilton County that things would be better, that things would get done, and yet from the time Mr. Wamp took office he has done nothing but fight and argue with the commissioners and with Attorney Taylor.

Mr. Wamp, be the bigger guy and stop all the unnecessary lawsuits, the arguing, bickering, and work with your commissioners to get things done. Its called compromise.

Amy Smith

* * *

I remember when the sewage charges were added to the water bills of residents, businesses and churches years ago.  If we have money to resolve the sewage issues, why don't we just go ahead and take this monthly expense off the backs of Chattanoogans? 
And, how close are we to completing the work ordered by the Feds?  It can't be too close because my neighborhood had human waste in the street after a heavy rain just a few months ago.  Are only certain neighborhoods receiving the needed work? 
And Mr. Wamp, let's remember that we have people literally living on the streets because this city and county see no urgency in their plight.  If you were proposing to take money to help the homeless get into permanent housing, I'd say go for it. 
Renee Smith
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