Jerry Summers: Say It Ain't So, Mike

  • Monday, November 20, 2023
  • Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers

One of the most visible, charming personalities on the cable television system is the ever present seller of sheets, slippers, pillow cases, etc. in all sizes at continuing downward spiraling prices who is an ardent supporter of the 2016 winner and 2020 loser for the highest office in our country for 330,000,000 folks (plus a few million more coming across the beautiful Rio Grande River into the welcoming open arms of the citizens of “Remember the Alamo” state).

Proudly claiming that his sheets were made from the highest grade cotton in the Nile Valley and Gaza Strip (until October 2023) the proud company of an equally zealous supporter of the ex-prez was the loser in the governor’s race in the Great State of Colorado. (She is also a lot better looking than Mike L.)

Both have continued to claim that the 2020 election was stolen from their candidate by trickery and fraud by the voting machine manufacturer used throughout America.

Unfortunately, those profiteers did not take kindly to said allegations and proceeded to act like Americans and took immediate action to exercise their rights and freedom—they filed a defamation (the act of damaging the good reputation of someone, or corporation, by slander, oral statements, libel, or written statements) in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Armed with a battery of high priced hourly rate lawyers, both sides have engaged in a titanic battle of legal giants that has slowly inched its way towards a trial date.

In spite of spending unknown amounts on many regular and cable television outlets to advertise his high quality products, a legal snag has occurred in the Pillow Guy’s quest for Justice!

Lawyers in the Minnesota case have been allowed to withdraw from any further representation claiming M.L. owes them millions from past legal services and can’t pay for any future services at the additional cost of $2M/month.

Other legal problems for the television personality include pending lawsuits in Denver, Colorado and Washington, D.C. and a previous $5M judgement against him.

Ever the optimist, he alternatively claimed that he is out of money and is broke, will hire new lawyers by the end of the week, will represent himself, or plead for contributions for the Lindell Offense Fund!

In October, he did claim that his company My Pillow was doing fine!

(With millions of satisfied customers throughout the world including Choo Choo City, his strong religious support, and optimism for the 2024 election, the above minor ruts in the road may just become bad memories!)

* * *

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