Jerry Summers: 2023 Suggested Resolutions(?)

  • Monday, February 6, 2023
  • Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers

The above words are seldom expressed by politicians and elected public officials except when they are possibly facing incarceration in the “Big House” in state or federal prisons when they are trying to get a reduced sentence to show their sincere regrets and remorse.

They miss the important fact that Hamilton Countians, Tennesseans, and Americans will generally forgive a truthful mistake based on sincerity and not just for the reasons stated above.

Richard M. Nixon stuck to his claims “I’m not a crook,” in the Watergate case participation until he finally had to admit he was somewhat guilty. The lie of his involvement was what got him in trouble, not the bungled burglary at the fashionable Washington complex.

William J. Clinton stuck to his claim “I didn’t have sex with that woman!” until his body fluids were found on the coat of his intern, not the act of infidelity that he committed. History is filled with unfaithful and oversexed presidents in both the Democrat and Republican parties.

Joe Biden and Donald J. Trump both seem to be reluctant to admit they have ever done anything wrong.

Whether any of the above comments have any applicability on the local level to any 4- or 8-year term elected officials for any of their actions is beyond the scope of this comment.

I believe and trust citizens to be much more forgiving for a mistake and admission rather than a blatant stand that they did nothing wrong.

However, politicians often have a different mindset as to their infallibility.

(Who can blame them when they are regularly deluged with praise by self-interested individuals?)

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