Jerry Summers: Red Bank's Dilemma?

  • Tuesday, February 7, 2023
  • Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers

Another of the satellite cities that was created in 1955 to escape the annexation efforts of the now “Gig City” was Red Bank (RB)

The original proposed name was Pleasant Hill but that moniker was already taken so the proposed title was changed to Red Bank – White Oak (Soddy Daisy style) but the competing factions settled on the shorter version.

While its dilemma may not be as critical as the recently resolved issue (?) in the financial dispute between our local transit provider and the municipal above the clouds for parking space fees and revenue taxes to ride upward from St. Elmo and downward from Lookout Mountain there are economic and financial factors to be considered.

With the death of 50 million egg producing hens from an undetermined flu source that may have been planted by an Asian based world power competitor of America, the issue may become more complex. It is already seriously affecting the price of a dozen eggs and the spin off products of Chick Fil-A, Colonel Sanders specialties, and even the popular local provider of delicious wings and succulent breasts, Champy’s.

Red Bank being an always forward thinking community a couple of years ago enacted a municipal ordinance that allowed the citizens to raise both roosters and hens in their backyards provided that the size of any poultry palace would have to be two acres minimum.

Due to the increase in production of a main component in the fertilization of the acreage of the influx of farmers from California, New York City and Chicago, the wise city fathers (and mothers, etc.) the allowable space was reduced to a minimum of one-half acre.

A forward thinking Red Bank council member has now proposed that the acreage size restrictions be completely removed in order that the city can become the "open range chicken raising capitol of Southeast Tennessee!"

Although there was a substantial increase in the melodious sounds of roosters crowing at the crack of dawn, potential problems may arise as the always expanding townships (not Gig City) undergo success evolving from sleepy little boroughs into vibrant neighbors of clean, safe, and proud Gig City mini-municipalities.

As of recently it seems that there have developed law and order issues in (RB).

Although a yearly revenue enhancing $50 permit charge was established in the ordinance it appears that Red Bank is the victim of theft by non-paying proponents of the fowl raisers who are flagrantly violating the rights of the other 12,000 citizens in the 6.5 square mile area just beyond Chattanooga's borders.

Vigorous policing is needed for a variety of reasons:

(1) A “chicken cop” should be appointed to measure the size of the acreage, check the contents and effects of the residue of the fresh solid deposits into the streams and creeks that may eventually flow into the pristine waters of the Red Bank-White Oak area, and possibly require the Waste Water Treatment Authority (WWTA) to assume jurisdiction to correct the problem by agreement of the parties or referral to the state supervising agency for potential enforcement of a consent decree:

(2) The potential for establishing a community fertilizer cooperative to take advantage of the anticipated abundance of chicken litter (?) in the event that the lot restriction is removed;

(3) The opportunity to create a “Reimaging Red Bank” study group to take advantage of the expertise of out-of-towners to assure the community that it will move forward as part of the building boom with no negative effects to the rest of Hamilton County; and

(4) A chance to select a motto that will distinguish Red Bank as “Chicken Growing Capital,” “Poop and Scoop City,” “Chicken Coop City,” or any other catchy phrase that will move the municipality forward from its present ranking of number 54 (?)` in population in the Volunteer State.

(A large outpouring of the town's populace is anticipated to be present when the ruling body discusses this important decision.)

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