Alzheimer’s Association Tennessee Chapter Welcomes New Board Members

  • Thursday, March 23, 2023

The Tennessee Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association announces several new Board members to its roster for FY 2023.

New board members include: Amy Elder Gammel, Mayo’s Flower Shop; Mary McConner, Inclusive Excellence Consulting, LLC; Jake Golich, TriStar Division, HCA; Amy LaGrant, BrandMETTLE; Tabitha Glenn, TPG Group LLC; Jeff Zepatos, Arcade Restaurant; and Karen Fauer, UltraGroup, LLC.

“Each Board member brings a unique perspective to the mission of the Alzheimer’s Association,” states Dawne Bunn, executive director, Alzheimer’s Association TN Chapter and Region 8 Leader. “Their combined business expertise will help us reach deep into the community to bring awareness of Alzheimer’s and other dementia as well as enhance our engagement strategy. Many members have loved ones who are affected by Alzheimer’s or other dementia and bring that heartfelt knowledge to the chapter.”

Wes Milligan (chair) and Josh Drummond (vice-chair) continue in their roles. The remaining Board members include Kevin Antoon, Southern Grist Brewery; Larry Combs, Jack Daniel’s Global Supply Chain; Tracy Oakley, First Horizon Bank; Michelle Sermon-Davis, CKE Restaurants, Inc.; Newman Rossie, Bluerock Capital Markets; Patrick Poling, Southern Oak Wealth Group; Desirée Ramacus-Bushnell, Meritan, Apela, and Generations, Inc.; and Gene Boulware, The Vincit Group.


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