Investigation Needed On Why Bad Cop Went Free

  • Saturday, May 13, 2023
There should be a public investigation on the lost files that allowed a bad cop to go free.

Ex-officer and “late-night preacher” Wilkey walked away from 44 criminal charges, including sexual battery, rape, official oppression, extortion, stalking and assault.

But it was Coty Wamp’s incompetence, not Wilkey’s innocence, that allowed him to walk out a free man.

This “baptizing deputy”was charged by then DA Pinkston during Coty Wamp’s stint as County Sherriff Hammond’s department attorney.
A position created just for her. Within political range of taking out that pesky Pinkston, who was always badmouthing Sheriff Hammond’s record keeping skills, the deed is done.

With Pinkston now gone and Coty Wamp at the beach, the file on
“wandering-hands” Wilkey mysteriously disappears. Forty-four criminal charges by a Sheriff’s deputy sink to the bottom of the Wamp swamp. And with it, the justice Hamilton County citizens deserve.

C. Mark Warren
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