Education Freedom Is Another Giveaway To People Of Means - And Response

  • Saturday, February 10, 2024

So, am I correct in understanding that what is being called "school choice" and "Education Freedom" is actually another giveaway to people of means in Tennessee? At the expense of people without means? Color me shocked.

I don't see anyone posting the average cost of Tennessee private school education versus the amount of the "freedom scholarship" and how many low income students would actually be able to attend private school using those funds, as if they were wanted there anyway. But prominent business folks would sure appreciate that help with tuition, wouldn't they?

It is no wonder California and Texas have lost so many residents to Tennessee.

Meanwhile, public school loses funds that are already inadequate so we can all subsidize private school for well off families. I guess we'll all benefit from they're being able to spend more to throw crumbs to the less advantaged at their charity events.

Tennessee, where the only giveaways we don't like are those that actually benefit someone in need.

Darlene Kilgore

* * * 

As usual Darlene Kilgore shows her contempt for the producers of this country who make the country work in her latest harangue about charter schools. Heaven forbid we have a program for lower income students in Democrat cesspools like Memphis if it actually benefited some well off people who pay the bills too. Right out of the Democrat playbook; first play the race card and if that doesn't work use the old class warfare tactic.

So the only giveaways we don't like are those that actually benefit someone in need? Well that's funny, every Tennessean I know is proud of our, "Tennessee Promise, " program that provides last dollar aid for tuition and expenses to our extensive network of community colleges. So any high school grad has the opportunity to learn an occupation and graduate with a high paying job and no student debt. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Of course I am sure Darlene is opposed since the Promise program is only available to those fabulously wealthy students from families with less than $50,000 annual income.

Douglas Jones

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