It's The Pits

  • Friday, April 12, 2024

For months Democrats and their media allies speculated and alleged about how Donald Trump will pay for his legal bills. reported the RNC and Trump are in financial disarray.

They further claim Trump encourages donors to pay his legal bills rather than donate to Republican candidates or the RNC causing a shortfall as Biden and Democrat fundraising soars. This kind of reporting gives the impression Biden’s popularity drives success at fundraising while cleverly shaded to imply Trump’s sinister nature putting himself ahead of others.

Axios reported Friday, “The Democrat National Committee-which has been collecting the biggest donations to Biden’s re-election effort-paid more than $1.5 million to lawyers or firms representing Biden in the special counsel probe. This probe was the one concluding Joe was too diminished to be criminally charged for illegally possessing classified documents.

After Trump was charged with having classified documents in his Florida residence, it was revealed Joe had classified documents, collected since he was a senator, scattered all across East Coast locations. Now as the Democrats attack Trump claiming he will use RNC funds to defend himself against unprecedented prosecutions, funded by taxpayers, we see Biden benefited from the DNC paying his lawyers.

If this didn’t have such terrible consequences on so many levels: our judicial system, honesty in the news media, election integrity and more, it might be funny, but it isn’t. For many Americans, life was once a bowl of cherries, then Joe Biden wandered into the White House and now it’s the pits.

Ralph Miller

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