FEMA Is Dragging Its Feet

  • Thursday, June 20, 2024

So, I have an issue with FEMA. The article states that FEMA is making funds available to those impacted by the storms May 8 and 9. Which is great and wonderful that those that need it get it. However, Grace Academy and Church have been waiting for over four years to try and get the funds that FEMA has said repeatedly that they are coming and yet we have seen nothing.

So why the hold up, is my question. Is it because they are a school and church? There have been many people help with the process but we still have yet to receive anything.

Could someone please give me some understanding as too why there is still a hold up? It is ridiculous that that place is still waiting and now there is an article that FEMA is offering help to those impacted by the storms on May 8 and 9. 

Amy Smih

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