CASL: Monday's High-Point Scorers

Monday, June 10, 2019


19 – Molly Mae Ransom, Scout Chapin

18 – Luke Waldrep

17 – Ellie Waldrep, Sam Flack, Charlie Han

16 – Reese Skiles, Lukas Kok

14 – Reid Wilson

13 – Sam Powe

12 – Roee Chapin, Max Ransom,

11 – Parker Johnston, Kai Chapin, Charlotte Murphree, Joseph Myers

10 – Conner McCoy, Cori Hill.


17 – Jack Kirby, Sydney Gordon, Ben Hardin

16 – Belle Flasch

15 – Jewel Gordon

14 – Will Tippett

13 – Jamee Mitchum, Avery May, Marley Degenhardt

12 – Henry Flasch, Hannah Laramore

11 – Laken Coppinger, Ashlyn Walmsley, Cecelia Porter

10 – Katherine Stark.


19 – Harrison Barnes

18 – Will Jackson, Frances Bohner

17 – Bo Ozburn

16 – Sammy Jackson

15 – Ellie Taliaferro

11 – Ben Bevill

10 – Bella McBryar, Vika Wardell.


19 – Katie Grace Tudor, Ryan Berry, Caroline Schenck, Jared Foster

17 – Sloane Graham

16 – Erik Buntin, Sofia Bell

15 – Lydia Bohannon, Addie Margio, Emerson Doty

14 – Conor Kinley, Ian Jacobs

13 – Margaret Anne Hudson, Kyle Berry

12 – Will Bertani

11 – Abi Markey, Kayla Lee

10 – Emmy Richey, John Preston Potter, Paul Tran, Erol House, Rem Markey, Keaton Furrow.


19 – Lydia Mizutani

15 – Maddi McKinney, Olivia Suddeth, Zach Schurr

13 – Emma Keach

12 – Kymiri Turner

11 – Noah Mizutani

10 – Jack Schurr.


19 – Caleb Aslinger, Alana Ratchford, Nathan Jungels, Quinn Young, Katie White

17 – Lander Smith, Alex Pruett, Gavin Cosley

15 – Reagan Wilson, Ryder Wilburn, Ben Jungels

14.5 – Abigail Keener

14 – Morgan Floyd, Dylan Floyd, Emily Thomson

13 – Catherine Upchurch, Chapman Mathis

12 – Sara Crane, Logan Carroll

11 – Logan Urbanski

10 – Millie Watson, Chris Tate, Dylan Sprinz.


19 – Davina Sharma

18 – Jae Dauphinais

17 – Caiden Cross, Laura Ward, Grace Dauphinais

15 – Benjamin Williams, Elijah Bean

14 – Maddy Dauphinais

13 – Brady Adams

12.5 – Timothy Collier

12 – Levi Steve, Mason Cross

11 – Noah Thornton, Sarah Silvenis

10.5 – Will Fowler

10 – Emilie Thompson.


18 – Fiona Eastman

15 – Alex Lowry, Owen Eastman, Ryan Carpenter

14 – Abigail Carpenter, Maggie Akins

13 – Ella Wiley, Beccan Fitzsimmons, Brynne Burkhart

12 – Max Wiley, Annie Davis, Burke Murphy

11 – Taj Goodman

10 – Izzy Bauer, Asa Hedrick.


19 – Noah Holliman, Garet Gipson, Ava Grace Gipson, Makayla McInnes

17 – Jilli Cantrell, Kian Bontrager, Leah Boyd, Liam Runkle, Anna Boyd

15 – Sofia Kim, Madelyn Weathers, Ethan Runkle, Natalia Celis

14 – Nate Selander, Othniel Kim, Alejandro Garcia

13 – Seth Dimmer, James Bechtol, Beack Seang

12 – Susannah Inman

10 – Kyle Powroznik, Carmyn Watkins, Lily Parr, Hardy Jones, Connor Young, Keilah Holliman.


19 – Reece Gallagher

17 – Emma Pulliam, Lisa Afonshina

13 – Helen Webb, Will Riddell

10 – Mariana Easley, Colson Chappelear, Isaac Berry, Keeley Mountjoy, Henry Webb.

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Randy Smith: Baseball And The Beach

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As I write this morning, I am looking at the Gulf of Mexico which is much calmer than it was yesterday. My wife and I are here because my grandson's 9 and under Fury baseball team is here in ... (click for more)

The Chattanooga Lookouts attempted ninth-inning rally fell short, dropping the last game in the series against the Birmingham Barons, 7-5. The Lookouts were down, but not out in the ninth ... (click for more)


Chattanooga Area Swim League

CHATTANOOGA AREA SWIM LEAGUE STANDINGS BLUE DIVISION Ooltewah 5 0 Stuart Heights 4 1 Signal Mountain 4 2 Dalton 1 5 Catoosa 0 6 RED DIVISION Calhoun 5 1 Fairyland 4 1 Country Club 4 2 Red Bank 1 4 Cleveland 0 6 WHITE DIVISION Waterdogs ... (click for more)

Randy Smith: Baseball And The Beach

As I write this morning, I am looking at the Gulf of Mexico which is much calmer than it was yesterday. My wife and I are here because my grandson's 9 and under Fury baseball team is here in Gulf Shores, Alabama for the USSSA Global World Series. It's the final event of the year for the Fury - a year of really good success so far. They have a 35-13-2 record with six tournament championships, ... (click for more)

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Tyler Reid Charged With Attempted Murder Of Step-Brother At Ooltewah Home; Said Shooting Victim "Has A Demon"

Authorities have charged 21-year-old Tyler Reid with shooting his step-brother in the head early Tuesday morning at a home in Ooltewah. John "Dee" Hayes Jr., 24, had injuries that were called life-threatening. Reid was charged with attempted first-degree murder. A deputy said when he arrived at the home in the 9000 block of Heatherloch Lane he found Reid sitting on a couch ... (click for more)

Douglas Holmes, 35, Shot And Killed On Portland Street After Argument Over Fake Money; Jeremy Sutton, 20, Charged

Douglas Holmes, 35, was shot and killed early Monday morning on Portland Street after what police said was an argument over fake money. Jeremy Sutton, 20, has been charged with criminal homicide after police said he admitted to shooting the victim 7-8 times after initially shooting him. At approximately 12:23 a.m., Chattanooga Police responded to the 2000 block of Portland ... (click for more)


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