End Of Another Thanksgiving Day

  • Thursday, November 24, 2022

Well it's the end of another joyous Thanksgiving day
The dishes are washed,the leftovers put away
I always seem to cook way too much
Turkey, ham, dressing and such
It's a time to gather with friends, family and guest
But after cooking all day I'm ready for some rest
There are football games on for all to see
While the little ones play and yell, hey look at me
The food on the table was an absolute feast
After all that I've eaten I must have gained twenty pounds at least
As for the bird known for its strut and gobble
I've eaten so much I'm sleepy and starting to wobble
Well, the day is over everyone's starting to go
We will see each other at Christmas, and hey maybe it will snow.

Bill Foust
Etowah, Tn.

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