Best Of Grizzard - Political Incorrectness

  • Tuesday, December 6, 2022
  • Jerry Summers

Of the 25 books that Lewis Grizzard (LG) wrote prior to his death in 1994 perhaps his most controversial is “I Haven’t Understood Anything Since 1962 And Other Nekkid Truths” (1992 Villard Books) which deals with the award-winning writer and humorist coping with the subject of “political incorrectness.”

In 288 pages he proceeds to offend women, politicians, both whites and blacks, the speech police and other groups, gays, etc.

while defending “good ole boys” “bubbas,” term limits, the South, etc., in a style that got him severely criticized in that era but which would be like pouring fifty-five (55) gallons of gasoline on the smoldering or blazing fire of the topics of racism, abortion, gun control, etc., in 2022.

There are detractors who condemned LG and supporters who believed that he only addressed controversial topics from the perspective of falling into one of the profiles mentioned above in both pre and post 1962.

In said book he addresses issues from the viewpoint of his life during both eras.

The last two paragraphs of the introduction express his potential frustration and inability to cope with the changing conditions.

“It’s been thirty years since 1962. I’m forty-six, haven’t forgiven the Japs for Pearl Harbor, have tired of all of the movements that just won’t go away, still don’t want to be around homosexuals, remain convinced Bernie Goetz did the right thing when he shot those punks in the New York Subway, can quit smoking for a time but can’t seem to kick it for good, have never drunk Perrier, still write on a manual typewriter, can’t figure out telephones anymore, put too much vodka in my screwdrivers, despise computers, and I still don’t have a clue what it is women really want.

This book is dedicated to everyone just like me, the Lord have mercy upon us.”

Whether he could convince the Speech Police fans (separate article to follow) that he was exercising his rights under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution like Don Rickles, David Chappelle, Andy Rooney, etc. to place humor on important public issues, or whether he was a bigoted believer in the topics that he wrote about is left up to the reader.

Whatever your stance on past or present issues in America, obtaining a copy of the aforementioned publication of 1992 will be entertaining! (If you can find one)

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