The Summer Of Rage Begins - And Response (2)

  • Monday, June 13, 2022

The Summer of Rage begins.

It begins with uneducated, unemployed, hate-filled 20-somethings in the streets screaming about abortion as “enslavement”.

It begins with groups such as mine, Students for Life of Southeast Tennessee, being labeled “extremist” for…..what, exactly? 

Demanding that we follow the science? Demanding basic human rights for those who literally cannot speak up for themselves? Pointing out the violence of abortion? 

Apparently so.

So, while said 20-somethings plan to “Shut Down SCOTUS” and burn the Court, what is the pro-life movement up to?

Well, we are planning on celebrating a historic victory for human rights, and the return of this critical issue to the states. We are helping pregnant and parenting students find life-affirming resources through initiatives like Standing With You.  We will continue to highlight the injustice of abortion, the reality of the procedure, and explaining that women deserve better than abortion. We’re not violent, we’re not disrespectful and we don’t threaten or intimidate anyone. We are peaceful, joyful warriors in the biggest, baddest fight for human rights in our country’s history. 

If you want to call us extremist for that, it’s your loss.

We are the Pro-Life Generation and we will abolish abortion in our lifetimes. 

William Reynolds

* * * 

Pro-lifers can't ignore their own violent history of assassinations and blowing up clinics, Mr. Reynolds. As recent as 2015 where three people were killed, nine wounded, in Colorado by a shooter rambling on about "no more baby parts" in an interview after his arrest. 

Those killed in Colorado, 2015, were 1. A police officer and part-time pastor 2. An Army Specialist and Iraqi veteran 3. A woman from Hawaii visiting a friend. A "summer of rage" you say? vs decades of anti-abortion violence. That summer appears quite mild and contained in comparison. 

I much prefer to adhere the advice of the late Maya Angelou, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time."

Outlawing abortions won't stop them from taking place. The wealthy and well connected will still safely obtain theirs. The poor, working classes, middle-incomes will be the ones left with taking chances under unsafe, unsanitary conditions that, in the past when abortions were illegal, often lead to infections with the outcome being permanent sterilization and even death for many women. Some women died from bleeding out after botched abortions because they were too afraid to seek medical help from a hospital. Out of fear of being arrested.

Up to and well into the 1800s, abortions were legal. 

Brenda Washington 

* * * 


If you have to go all the way back to 2015 to get a "yeah, but" to retort a current don't have that "yeah, but" anymore.  

2015 is not recent.  It's very old news and not relevant to what's happening right now.

Phil Snider

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