Academic Achievement Tied To Funding?

  • Sunday, July 3, 2022
Now that's funny. Memphis schools spent $11,250 per student, which is third in the state. Yet they are ranked #103 in the state academic rankings. Metro Nashville spends $11,012 per student which is fourth in the state, yet they are ranked #80 . When I studied statistical analysis at UT 55 years ago that was known as an inverse correlation.

Who do the educated populace vote for? In the 2020 election Biden carried three counties in Tennessee; Shelby which is 103 in academic rankings, Davidson which is 80, and Haywood which is 113.
One may draw their own conclusions.

The highest ranking school districts in the state are Collierville, Maryville, Williamson, Greenville, Oak Ridge, Alcoa, Johnson City, Kingsport, Germantown and Arlington. Every one of these districts are in overwhelmingly Republican areas. 

The city with the highest percentage of Democrats in the country is Washington, D.C. They spend the highest of any district in the country at over $30,000 a student. Yet only 23 percent of their eightth graders are proficient in math and the same 23 percent proficient in reading. Democrats are really getting their money's worth in the nation's capital.

"What a weak barrier is truth when it stands in the way of an hypothesis." 

Douglas Jones

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