McCallie Students Named All-East And All-State Musicians And Vocalists

  • Thursday, January 26, 2023
  • McCallie website

Several McCallie students traveled to Knoxville to audition for the All-East and All-State bands and orchestras. This year was a very competitive year with over 2,200 students from East Tennessee registering to audition. Only a handful of students are chosen to be recognized. 

Students are asked to play scales, two prepared pieces, and sight-read a piece they have never seen or played before.

In November, Will Danks auditioned for the All-East Jazz band. He played two prepared pieces, sight-read a piece and then had to improvise on two other pieces. He was selected for the trumpet section in the 2nd of 3 All-East jazz bands. That clinic and concert will take place this weekend at Walker Valley High School.

Joshua Kim - clarinet - 9/10 Blue band and All-State
Reese Freyer - Bassoon -  9/10 Blue band and All-State
Connor Parks - Trombone - 11/12 Blue band
Peyton Chang - Horn - 9/10 Alternate
Christian Morgan - A. Sax - 11/12 Alternate
Harry Carter - Horn - 11/12 Alternate
Nishanth Basava - Violin - 9/10 Orchestra and All-State
Benjamin Jeong - Violin - 9/10 Orchestra
Akhil Giddaluri - Violin - 9/10 Orchestra
Nikhil Giddalauri - Viola - 9/10 Orchestra and All-State
Zachary Murray - Bass - 9/10 Orchestra
Gokul Palanati - Violin - 9/10 Alternate
Arrush Nagre - Viola - 9/10 Alternate
Will Bertani - Cello - 9/10 Alternate
Kohen Kilburn - Violin - 11/12 Alternate
Adit Harish - Cello - 11/12 Alternate
Will Danks - Trumpet - Jazz band

Several students also competed in the choral music categories. 

The fall was also a busy semester for several vocalists. The following boys traveled to Maryville College before Thanksgiving break to participate in the All-East Tennessee choir performances. Freshmen Sean Clark, Benjamin Jeong, and Ellison Lord qualified and sang in the Freshman Honor Choir. Sophomore Kai McFarland and Junior Ian Hassevoort sang in the All-East Men’s Chorus. These two also qualified for the Tennessee All-State Mixed Choir, and will perform in Nashville later this semester.

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