Jed Mescon - A Breath Of Fresh Air

  • Thursday, November 30, 2023
  • Earl Freudenberg
Jed Mescon
Jed Mescon

Jed Mescon is a breath of fresh air on morning radio in Chattanooga. The veteran TV personality is now the talk of the town and brings his energetic spirit to WGOW FM, talk radio 102.3 every day from 6–10 a.m.

Jed was a familiar face on WRCB TV for nearly three decades, hosting Jed’s Journal and working in community affairs before he co-anchored the station’s highly rated morning news.

TV news anchor and longtime friend David Carroll said, “Jed’s Jed – ness is 100 percent natural, it’s a safe bet he was born that way.

“It’s so nice to have Jed starting our days again. He was a bright TV voice in the morning for 28 years, and he’s just as much fun on the radio. Jed is the kindest, most thoughtful and funniest person I know. He and Jim Reynolds make a great team.” 

Mr. Mascon was voted 2015’s “Best TV Personality” in the annual Best of the Best readers’ choice awards.

Friends say Mr. Mescon is a very generous man, often seen volunteering at the Chattanooga Food Bank, and he was involved for many years in WRCB’s Share Your Christmas.

Mr. Mescon departed TV in 2016 and worked several years in marketing that included Erlanger Medical Center.

The late Garry Mac said Mr. Mescon’s absence from television left a hole in the Chattanooga’s morning TV lineup. He said Mr. Mescon was a natural for television.

Last August, Mr. Mescon was named program director and morning show host at WGOW FM, the station known as the “Talk Monster.” Friends say management couldn’t have made a better choice.

Mr. Mescon shares the microphone with sportscaster J.R. “Jim” Reynolds, a member of the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame (2017) and longtime voice of the UTC Mocs football and basketball. Mr. Reynolds is a sports authority and knows this market. His extensive knowledge of local high school and college sports adds an extra dimension to the morning show.

Max Obrien Templeton handles traffic reporting. Mr. Templeton worked in radio before having a lengthy distinguished career with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s office. He is very familiar with the traffic patterns and bottlenecks of Hamilton County and North Georgia. The retired officer’s knowledge of patrolling the roadways enables him to alert traveling motorists with accuracy, what streets and intersections they need avoid.

Another well-known Chattanooga broadcaster Art Sanner serves in what was once known as the producer – director’s role. It’s his responsibility to make the other three sound good and from time to time inject his own thoughts. The retired postal worker, and a great announcer, is full of wit and wisdom. Mr. Sanner injects his own thoughts about many topics, especially the best places to eat on a first date.

Mr. Mescon grew up in Atlanta but has lived in Chattanooga a major portion of his life. He’s very familiar with the town’s traditions; Riverbend, Nightfall, Christmas on the River, Chattanooga Zoo, Tennessee Valley Railroad, Siskin Foundation, Hamilton County Fair, veterans events, Forgotten Child Fund and even the Chattanooga Civitan Club’s annual Claxton Fruit Cake Sale.

Chattanooga Funeral Home President Gene Pike, a 65 year member of Civitan, worked with Mr. Mescom in the club. Mr. Pike said, “Jed’s a worker, I like his energy and he gets things done. I wish him the best in his radio job.”

While working in television, the popular personality received dozens of awards for his many community accomplishments, both large and small.

Several civic organizers said Jed helped them raise thousands of dollars for various charitable causes. The late Red Bank Lions Club President and former Hamilton County Commissioner Ralph Barger said, “Jed gave our club a lot of publicity when we were selling Christmas trees. We need a few more broadcasters like Jed.” Mr. Barger said Jed is a friend of Lions Clubs, helping promote their sight conservation programs.

Real estate agent Betty Parker praised Mr. Mescon for announcing the annual Highway 58 parade. She said Jed never turned her down when she needed to promote the event.

Listening to Jed, J.R., Max and Art reminds one of “Luther’s Sundial,” “Chickamauga Charlie,” “Garry Mac and Dale Deason,” “The Morning Zoo,” “Gene Michaels” (when this writer was the eye in the sky,) “Bill Burkett and Parker Smith.”

Over the years there have been many other radio personalities spreading the Chattanooga message. They all had one thing in common; they were local and stressed what was happening in Chattanooga and surrounding communities. Maybe that’s what’s missing in radio today and by the sound of the program, Mr. Mescon knows this.

The late Luther Masingill said, “We have the networks for national news; I try to stress what’s going on downtown on Market Street, that’s what my listeners what to hear. If I run out, I have plenty of lost dogs and cats.”

Mr. Masingill’s high ratings over the years proved his listeners wanted to hear what’s going on at home.

Mr. Mescon has a touch of all these former broadcasters but his presentation is strictly his own style. Jed just interviewed a gentleman with the upcoming “World of Wheels” next February who announced Jerry Mathers (Leave it to Beaver) will be the special guest.

Mr. Mescon has been on top of breaking news since joining the WGOW FM staff, reacting to what people are seeing on television and reading in the

Every morning the host encourages his listeners to call in or text their opinions to the program. Mr. Mescon said, “We are about listener participation.”

Someone at the water cooler recently said, I heard Jed talking about the city’s pot holes this morning; that’s a good sign people are listening and paying attention to the discussion.

While Mr. Mescon may not agree with all his callers, he handles each one with great respect. He often responds, “We’ve got the greatest listeners.”

The WGOW FM Talk radio morning team will keep you informed as to what is happening but with lots of humor. The program is jam packed with information and you never know what next; that’s what radio is about, some call it the theater of the mind.

In a day when we see so much negativity, Jed, J.R. Max and Art offer a breath of fresh air on morning radio; the industry where this writer spent 55 years trying to entertain, inform and tell the people’s story.

Jed Mescon with Gene and Gail Pike
Jed Mescon with Gene and Gail Pike
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