Passenger Train To Atlanta Will Only Bring Undesirables - And Response (3)

  • Saturday, December 9, 2023

Re: Passenger train to Atlanta:

In my opinion, if this comes to pass, our city is inviting many problems by making it very convenient for undesirable elements to come here by rail for a heavy day of shoplifting then procure a car (perhaps yours) back to Atlanta with the day's take.

Seems only logical that the politicians pushing for this connection need to move to enjoy the Atlanta experience first hand.

I’d bet the farm that they quickly abandon this ridiculous idea, move back here to God’s Country, and use that money to repair our crumbling roads, install better street lighting, or increase services to benefit the entire community - not just the few fat cats positioned to make millions of dollars.

J.D. French
Soddy Daisy

* * *

As a resident of Chattanooga, I am excited about the proposed train service connecting our city to Atlanta. However, I have noticed some concerns being raised about potential increases in crime. I want to take a moment to address these concerns and provide some information on the security measures that will be in place.

It's important to note that studies have not shown that crime will be elevated with the introduction of the train service. Trained security personnel, high-definition surveillance cameras, strict identification checks, and readily available emergency communication are just a few of the advanced security features that will be implemented on the train.

These measures, combined with the relatively short travel distance between Chattanooga and Atlanta, make the train a safe and efficient way to connect these two cities. We are less than two hours away. If criminals want to come here and commit crime they will.

I am on the fence about it but it is not due to crime whatsoever. I think it could be awesome if done properly.

Christopher Cooper

* * *

Chattanooga has its fair share of undesirables. Why would Atlanta undesirables go to Chattanooga when the pickings would be better and more plentiful in Atlanta. I think Chattanooga’s undesirables would head south.

Statistics of the crime rates of the four cities in Tennessee show that Knoxville is the safest place to be, Nashville is second, and Chattanooga is just above Memphis. If you think that Chattanooga is safer than Atlanta, look again. Based on the population of the Metropolitan Statistical Areas of both Atlanta and Chattanooga, there is not enough difference to count, you are just as likely to be a victim there as here.

I worked in Manhattan for about three years. My predecessors in that territory were mugged many times over. I was never approached and part of my territory was in Harlem, when it was bad - at night.

The secrets are easy, it is all in how you carry yourself. Those that get mugged look like they want to get mugged. Harlem was a challenge, but I was told never to look at addresses or street signs while walking to the subway station and, if I thought someone was stalking me, just keep on walking and jump in the Hudson River if necessary. Victims usually look like they want to be victims.

Raleigh Perry

* * *

I question why Amtrak and our city mayors office would even consider such an idea however, they did push through a multi-million tax payer funded stadium which will need attendance given they need to pay for all the dollars spent in convincing the city and county commissioners to build it. As they say, if you build it they will come.  Who will come? Probably the undesirables. 

Tim Bittenbender

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