Alternative Energy Isn't Ready For Primetime

  • Friday, March 24, 2023

As Young Republican chairman, I felt it was our duty to speak out against the Climate Action Plan.  Don't get me wrong. I am sympathetic to Mayor Kelly's plan to have a clean city. However, I oppose the plan because alternative energy is not ready for primetime.

These types of policies were passed in states like California and Oregon, and they continuously make headlines for things like rolling blackouts and limited energy availability. These states also have some of the highest energy costs in the U.S. due to policies that force people to move to forms of energy that are not yet realistic for the mass public.

I am also opposed to any policies that limit or increase cost on traditional forms of energy and to any tax spending on green forms of energy that cost more than traditional methods. Anything that raises costs or taxes hurts the poor and disadvantaged in our community first. They simply do not have the flexibility or mobility to cope with wide sweeping policies like in this climate action plan. People supporting the climate action plan at the public meeting even admitted this policy would burden the poor and disadvantaged people in our community, but they had no compassion for them because it was all in the name of climate change. 

Now that you understand what I'm against, let me tell you some things I support. I am a fan of green spaces, parks, or any other initiative that makes our city cleaner, accessible, and more beautiful. As conservatives, I strongly believe we should want to conserve our local natural resources.

Let the people decide by the ballot if they want this climate action plan passed. 

Derek Kukura
Hamilton County Young Republican Chairman

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