Saying Goodbye To Zarzour's

  • Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Of the many legendary restaurants we lost in recent years, only Town and Country gave us the parting gift of a recipe booklet with their most beloved dishes and beverages. Many of us were saddened when Mount Vernon, Eidson, and Nikki's said goodbye and the dishes we adored were gone forever.

Joe "Dixie" Fuller and Mary R. Smith, I urge you to publish the recipes for your most popular menu items. I think your public would treasure such a keepsake. Also, those of us who can no longer get to Zarzour's would love to be able to order one, two or three.

How about the legendary cornbread, turnip greens, spicy cabbage, no-mayo potato salad, open-face roast beef, lemon icebox pie, and other favorites? Oh, and the best marinated, grilled chicken breast I've ever had. Perhaps other readers can think of some that I forgot.

Godspeed to Dixie, Mary, and all their staff.

R.J. Johnson and Family

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