Hamilton County 4-H Announces Results Of Countywide 4-H Demonstration Contest At UTC

  • Thursday, April 18, 2024
Fourth and fifth grade students from across Hamilton County gathered at the UTC University Center on March 24 for the 2024 Hamilton County 4-H Demonstration Contest. More than 70 first-place winners at 4-H school and community club contests gave five-minute presentations on how to do activities related to their 4-H project areas.

First-place winners at this County contest advance to the Multi-County 4-H Demonstration Contest to be held on May 2 in Bradley County.

2024 Hamilton County 4-H Demonstration Contest winners of the March 24 contest are:

Animal Science – Horse: 4th grade, 1st place – Alex Byard, North Hamilton County Elementary School (NHCES).

Animal Science – Horse: 5th grade, 1st place – Kynley Jenkins, Soddy Elementary.

Animal Science – Poultry: 4th grade, 1st place – Ansley Sullivan, North Hamilton County Elementary School (NHCES).

Animal Science – Poultry: 5th grade, 1st place – Alex Covarrubias, Hixson Elementary.

Animal Science – Swine: 5th grade, 1st place Heath Hassler, Chattanooga School for Liberal Arts (CSLA).

Art/Line & Design: 4th grade, 1st place – Anushree Bhagyaraj, Chattanooga School for Liberal Arts (CSLA).

Art/Line & Design: 5th grade, 1st place Jeffrey Stubblefield, Chattanooga School for Arts and Sciences (CSAS).

Citizenship: 5th grade, 1st place – Teniyah Tumlin, CSAS.

Clothing and Textiles: 4th grade, 1st place – Brogan Smith, CSLA; 2nd place – Reef Smith, CSAS; 3rd place – Jane Yang, CSAS; Participant – Blakely Vanderpool, NHCES.

Clothing and Textiles: 5 th grade, 1st place – Tori Brown, CSLA.

Communications: 4th grade, 1st place – Vivienne Aslinger, CSAS.

Communications: 5th grade, 1st place – Eden Duguay, CSAS.

Companion Animal: 4th grade, 1st place – Elsie Callaway, CSLA; 2nd place – Annika Swain, CSLA; 3rd place – Cora Alverson, CSLA.

Companion Animal: 5th grade, 1st place – Audrey Clark, CSAS; 2nd place – Elizabeth Kinnamon, CSLA; 3rd place – Jalia Aker, Harrison Elementary; Participant – Jala Aker, Harrison Elementary.

Computers & Technology: 5th grade, 1st place – Joel Seo, CSLA; 2nd place – King Ali, Harrison Elementary

Electric: 4th grade, 1st place – Adam Anteneh, CSLA; 2nd place – Kai Satterfield, CSLA; 3rd place – Rylan Lewis, NHCES; Participant – Eshan Rous, CSLA.

Electric: 5th grade, 1st place – Sam Moffitt, CSAS; 2nd place – Alex Ervin, CSAS.

Engineering: 4th grade, 1st place – Syna Patel, CSLA; 2nd place – Kabir Brahmbhatt, CSAS.

Engineering: 5th grade, 1st place – Griffin Burk, CSAS.

Entomology: 4th grade, 1st place – Haley Schoneck, NHCES.

Food Science: 4th grade, 1st place – Ruby Walker, CSLA; 2nd place – Alex Maldonado, Hixson Elementary; 3rd place – Kyla Townsend, CSAS; Participant – Sebastian Ballard, CSLA.

Food Science: 5th grade, 1st place – Amelia Martin, CSAS; 2nd place – Riley Anderson, Hixson Elementary.

Horticulture and Gardening: 5th grade, 1st place – Beckett Adams, CSAS; 2nd place – Hiram Day, III, CSAS.

Leadership/Personal Development: 4th grade, 1st place – Katie Beth Hutchings, NHCES; 2nd place – Johnny Goulart, CSLA; 3rd place – Evan Hicks, Hixson Elementary.

Leadership/Personal Development: 5th grade, 1st place – Addie Ham, CSAS.

Nutrition, Health & Fitness: 4th grade, 1st place – Jane Farrell, CSLA.

Nutrition, Health & Fitness: 5th grade, 1st place – Helayna Garrett, Harrison Elementary.

Performing Arts: 4th grade, 1st place – Wilder Thomas, CSAS; 2nd place – Maggie Lee Thompson, CSLA; 3rd place – Luke Boutwell, CSAS.

Performing Arts: 5th grade, 1st place –TiJerria Woodruff-Mason, CSLA; 2nd place – Aniyah Johnson, CSLA.

Photography: 4th grade, 1st place – Audrey Leonard, CSAS; 2nd place – Riley Daniels, NHCES.

Photography: 5th grade, 1st place – Atharva Kolappan, 4-H Archery Club; 2nd place – Maddie McCamish, CSAS.

Plant Science: 4th grade, 1st place – Daniel LaBudde, Hixson Elementary; 2nd place – Saige Pell, CSAS.

Recreation: 4th grade, 1st place – Luke Haddock, CSLA.

Recreation: 5th grade, 1st place – Mason Scott, Hixson Elementary; 2nd place – Drew Laymon, CSAS; 3rd place – Jarron Peterson, CSAS.

Veterinary Science: 4th grade, 1st place – Pia Slatton, CSLA.

Veterinary Science: 5th grade, 1st place – Rukiyah Usman, CSAS.

4-H STEM: 5th grade, 1st place – Kaylee Yates, Harrison Elementary; 2nd place – Ravi Kumbhaj, CSAS; 3rd place – Anderson Barger-Howell, CSLA.

4-H programs in Hamilton County are provided by staff of the University of Tennessee and Tennessee State University Extension Office for Hamilton County.
All Hamilton County youth in grades fourth through 12th are welcome to join 4-H at any time, and there is no cost to join. More information on 4-H is available at the Extension Office website Hamilton.Tennessee.edu.
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