Did You Know? Rapture At The Roundabout

  • Thursday, June 20, 2024
  • Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers

The term “rapture” can be defined with various meanings by different groups.

1. To some it has often meant “a feeling of intense pleasure, ecstasy, passion or joy”;

2. In American evangelicalism, it is the belief that both living and dead believers will come together at the second coming of the Son of God;

3. A third possible definition of the term can be left to the imagination of the reader or anyone enjoying the unique experience of traveling on the federal subsidized routes of the entry exit of the Bachmann tunnels.

Unfortunately, there is no rapture at the creation of the home traffic engineering geniuses that are probably dropouts from MIT (Mayhem Institute of Terror) on the eastbound entry tunnel dividing the Scenic City and the Pioneer Paradise cities.

Roundabout is defined and described under US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration FHWA-SA-21 CCMF ID:211 as:

“The modern roundabout is an intersection with a circular configuration that safely and efficiently moves traffic. Roundabouts feature channelized, curved approaches that reduce vehicle speed, entry yield control that gives right-of-way to circulating traffic, and counterclockwise flow around a central island that minimizes conflict points. The net result of lower speeds and reduced conflicts at roundabouts is an environment where crashes that cause injury or fatality are substantially reduced.

Roundabouts are not only a safer type of intersection; they are also efficient in terms of keeping people moving. Even while calming traffic, they can reduce delay and queuing when compared to other intersection alternatives. Furthermore, the lower vehicular speeds and reduced conflict environment can create a more suitable environment for walking and bicycling.

Roundabouts can be implemented in both urban and rural areas under a wide range of traffic conditions. They can replace signals, two-way stop controls, and all-way stop controls. Roundabouts are an effective option for managing speed and transitioning traffic from high-speed to low-speed environments, such as freeway interchange ramp terminals, and rural intersections along high-speed roads.”

Having assumed that the above glowing government point of view is correct, a highly scientific traffic study was conducted and the following historically, data was accumulated;

1. Two motorists have been killed after unsuccessfully attempting to propel themselves into the Ridgedale-East Lake proposed ski jump route;

2. The amount of guardrail replacement repair costs have become an extensive budgetary items;

3. Yield signs as to the right of way mean “who can beat the other vehicle through the curved intersection”;

4. In the infrequent and rare occasion the traffic on I-24 is diverted onto the East Ridge exit the game of Russian Roulette has many new participants;

5. The overtime hours paid to the hard working employees of the Scenic City Public Works Department during venting hours is interesting;

6. The site is often a popular gathering place for the less fortunate members of our homeless (unhoused) community holding up their cardboard signs requesting non-government financial assistance.

(Whether there will be many other candidates to drive on the non-dangerous route the future for traffic rapture is speculative. The topics of road rage, speeding, and drinking drivers may add to the mystique of the road configuration described herein.)


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