Grote, Turner Hold Second-Round Leads At Windstone

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Travis Grote, of Birmingham, Ala., posted a 4-under-par 66 to take the second round lead of the Ringgold Telephone Company Junior Classic. Marci Turner of Tompkinsville, Ky., shot a 71 to take the top spot in the Girls Division.

Conducted by the American Junior Golf Association, the Ringgold Telephone Company Junior Classic features 101 players, 78 boys and 13 girls, ages 13-18, from 22 states, including 24 from the state of Georgia.

"I wasn't expecting to shoot this well today," said 17-year-old Grote. "I played good and stayed patient throughout the round."

Wednesday marked Grote's first back-to-back rounds under 70 in tournament play. Grote finished with six birdies, including a 10-footer on No. 16, to put him at 6-under-par 134.
Mu Hu of Bradenton, Fla., Greg Forest of Palm City Fla., and Ben Spickard, of Roswell, Ga., are tied for second at 136 going into the final round of play. Rounding out the top five in the Boys Division is Kaylor Thomas of Fort Payne, Ala., at 67-72-139.

In the Girls Division, Turner leads with a 2-over-par 142 and sits two strokes ahead of Jennifer Davis of Seymour, Tenn.

After reversing her score from yesterday, Turner, 17-years-old, said "Today I was trying to bounce back from the front nine, and finished really solid on the back."
Turner said for the final round her goal is to make 18 pars, stay focused and be aggressive.

Finishing out the top three in the Girls Division is Liebelei Lawrence of Bradenton, Fla., (73-74-147).

The Ringgold Telephone Company Junior Classic will conclude on Thursday with the first tee time set for 7 a.m. For more information on the Ringgold Telephone Company Junior Classic, contact tournament headquarters at (706) 935-4355, or visit the AJGA's Web site at

Second round results from the Ringgold Telephone Company Junior Classic conducted by the American Junior Golf Association at Windstone Golf Club. Par: Boys: 35-35-70 Girls: 35-35-70. Yardage: Boys: 6,458 Girls: 5,494

1 Travis Grote, Birmingham, Ala. (2004) 68-66-134
T2 Mu Hu, Bradenton, Fla. (2007) 66-70-136
T2 Greg Forest, Palm City, Fla. (2005) 65-71-136
T2 Ben Spickard, Roswell, Ga. (2004) 68-68-136
5 Kaylor Timmons, Fort Payne, Ala. (2004) 67-72-139
T6 Ryan Sherman, Ringgold, Ga. (2003) 73-69-142
T6 Thomas Bethel, Nassau, Bahamas (2003) 69-73-142
T6 Ethan Maretich, Ringgold, Ga. (2004) 71-71-142
T6 Todd Obergoenner, Cape Girardeau, Mo. (2004) 71-71-142
T10 Tom Bittner, Jr., Atlanta, Ga. (2003) 73-70-143
T10 Sungwon Jeon, Wesley Chapel, Fla. (2004) 69-74-143
T12 Taylor Hall, LaGrange, Ga. (2004) 74-70-144
T12 Ryan Britt, Louisville, Ky. (2004) 71-73-144
T12 Brent Paladino, Kensington, Conn. (2005) 74-70-144
T12 Justin Jones, Jacksonville, Fla. (2004) 72-72-144
T12 Austin Frye, Madison, Miss. (2005) 71-73-144
T12 Stephen Cox, Jonesboro, Ark. (2005) 74-70-144
T12 Ty Sanders, Tulsa, Okla. (2005) 75-69-144
T12 Matt Hughes, Dalton, Ga. (2004) 75-69-144
T20 Nick Bailes, Cleveland, Tenn. (2003) 73-72-145
T20 Tal Everett, Sea Island, Ga. (2006) 75-70-145
T20 Connor Doherty, Woodstock, Vt. (2004) 78-67-145
T20 John Saari, Lilburn, Ga. (2003) 74-71-145
T20 Matt Savage, Louisville, Ky. (2005) 74-71-145
T25 Brandon Jones, Louisville, Ky. (2005) 70-76-146
T25 Chris Baker, Brownstown, Ind. (2004) 75-71-146
T25 Jonathan Hodge, Jefferson City, Tenn. (2005) 77-69-146
T25 Sam Rauschenberg, Dalton, Ga. (2003) 74-72-146
T29 Joe Shirley, Marietta, Ga. (2003) 75-72-147
T29 Justin May, Sarasota, Fla. (2004) 74-73-147
T29 Joshua Chong, Alpharetta, Ga. (2004) 73-74-147
T29 Timothy Freund, Greensboro, Ga. (2004) 73-74-147
T33 Tom Miles, Dublin, Ohio (2005) 76-72-148
T33 Joshua An, Bradenton, Fla. (2004) 69-79-148
35 Graham Shurley, Dunwoody, Ga. (2004) 76-73-149
T36 Parker McKoy, Raleigh, N.C. (2004) 74-76-150
T36 Harris Graham, Argyle, Texas (2004) 73-77-150
T38 Andrew Villarreal Jr, Decatur, Ala. (2004) 78-73-151
T38 Patrick McKillip, Jacksonville, Fla. (2003) 74-77-151
T38 Kevin Lim, Eustis, Fla. (2004) 70-81-151
T38 Chase MacFarland, Savannah, Ga. (2005) 72-79-151
T38 Youngmin Cha, Wesley Chapel, Fla. (2005) 76-75-151
T38 Jeff Hall, Franklin, Tenn. (2005) 74-77-151
44 Wallace Palmer, Augusta, Ga. (2004) 75-77-152
T45 Cale Barr, Versailles, Ky. (2003) 74-79-153
T45 Michael Martin, Kernesville, N.C. (2004) 77-76-153
T45 Colby Witwer, Duluth, Ga. (2004) 78-77-153
T47 John Barnett IV, Monroeville, Ala. (2004) 84-70-154
T47 Bradley Sutherland, Cadiz, Ky. (2005) 80-74-154
T47 Jonas Miller, Dallas, Texas (2004) 78-76-154
T47 Michael Fiore, Alpharetta, Ga. (2005) 75-79-154
T47 Bud Reynolds, Knoxville, Tenn. (2005) 72-82-154
T52 David Fish, Boca Raton, Fla. (2004) 74-81-155
T52 Paul Levy, Franklin, Tenn. (2004) 77-78-155
T52 Mike King, Sidney, Ohio (2004) 79-76-155
T52 Scott Schleiffarth, Ballwin, Mo. (2004) 77-78-155

T57 Stephen Strickland, Fairhope, Ala. (2004) 73-83-156
T57 Seth Brandon, Dalton, Ga. (2005) 76-80-156
59 Tim Porter, Wilmington, Del. (2004) 80-77-157
T60 Andy Southern, Conyers, Ga. (2004) 79-79-158
T60 Kyle Stiles, Athens, Ga. (2004) 77-81-158
T60 Thomas Sholes, Gainesville, Ga. (2003) 78-80-158
T60 Paul Swift, Murfreesboro, Tenn. (2004) 79-79-158
T64 Ryan Blackburn, Augusta, Ga. (2005) 80-79-159
T64 Greg Simpson, Franklin, Tenn. (2004) 81-78-159
T64 Kyle Lindgren, Marietta, Ga. (2004) 80-79-159
T64 Robbie Kelley, Minnetonka, Minn. (2005) 82-77-159
68 Ryan Heisey, New Bern, N.C. (2005) 78-82-160
69 Nicholas O'Geary, Henderson, N.C. (2004) 80-81-161
T70 Michael Woods, Knoxville, Tenn. (2005) 77-86-163
T70 Douglas Suffield, Sarasota, Fla. (2004) 81-82-163
T72 Carlos Sainz, Elgin, Ill. (2004) 82-82-164
T72 Chance Williams, Tyler, Texas (2005) 77-87-164
74 Peter Yoo, Norcross, Ga. (2006) 89-76-165
75 David Baker, Jr, Alpharetta, Ga. (2004) 89-77-166
76 Matthew Morehead, Decatur, Ala. (2004) 90-83-173
T77 Danny Briseno, River Ridge, La. (2004) 81-93-174
T77 Blake Davis, Huntington, W.Va. (2004) 85-89-174
Minkyu Han, Orlando, Fla. (2004) DQ (6-3a)
1 Marci Turner, Tompkinsville, Ky. (2004) 71-71-142
2 Jennifer Davis, Seymour, Tenn. (2004) 69-75-144
3 Liebelei Lawrence, Bradenton, Fla. (2004) 73-74-147
T4 Taryn Durham, Glasgow, Ky. (2004) 72-76-148
T4 Jessica Castle, Plantation, Fla. (2003) 72-76-148
T6 Laura Caniff, Russell, Ky. (2004) 77-74-151
T6 Amber Davis, East Point, Ga. (2005) 77-74-151
T8 Jennifer Cassidy, Dalton, Ga. (2005) 77-75-152
T8 Tyrette Metzendorf, Winter Haven, Fla. (2005) 79-73-152
T10 Laura Goodwin, Birmingham, Ala. (2005) 80-74-154
T10 Kristen Bragg, Evans, Ga. (2004) 73-81-154
12 Anna-Claire Daniels, Oak Ridge, Tenn. (2004) 74-81-155
T13 Katie Trachok, Pittsburgh, Pa. (2004) 76-80-156
T13 Jenny Morris, Cedartown, Ga. (2004) 78-78-156
15 Candace Schepperle, Hoover, Ala. (2006) 73-85-158
16 Jordan Allen, Angel Fire, N.M. (2004) 83-77-160
17 Jordan Craig, Connellsville, Pa. (2004) 81-80-161
T18 Whitney Frykman, Acworth, Ga. (2004) 78-85-163
T18 Holly Niederkohr, Marysville, Ohio (2005) 80-83-163
T18 Lauren Cousart, Athens, Ga. (2005) 80-83-163
T21 Taylor Deimantas, Greenville, N.C. (2004) 80-85-165
T21 Abby Kingston, Bethlehem, Pa. (2003) 78-87-165
23 Ashley Parrott, Johnson City, Tenn. (2005) 83-84-167
Sarah Donald, Athens, Ga. (2004) WD (Justified)

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