Waldroup Gets 32-Year Sentence At 100% In Leslie Bradshaw Slaying

  • Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bradley Davis "Brad" Waldroup on Thursday was given a 32-year prison sentence to be served at 100 percent for the 2006 murder of Leslie Bradshaw and beating and slashing of his ex-wife, Penny Waldroup.

Ms. Bradshaw with shot eight times and slashed in the head with a machete.

Judge Carroll Ross, sitting at Benton in Polk County, gave Waldroup 20 years on one count of especially aggravated kidnapping and a consecutive 12 years on a second count. Those must be served at 100 percent.

He also gave Waldroup the maximum six years for voluntary manslaughter and 12 years for attempted second-degree murder. Those are concurrent with the 32 years.

Bradshaw family members had been dismayed that the jury did not find Waldroup guilty of first-degree murder, and her father, Les Crisp, called him "an evil monster" at the sentencing hearing.

Waldroup, who was 32 at the time of the slaying, said he was angry because his former wife had confessed that she had a lesbian affair with Ms. Bradshaw. "That hurt me very bad," he said.

He said Ms. Bradshaw was guilty of "meddling in our marriage."

But on Thursday he apologized to the Bradshaw family and asked their forgiveness.

He said he has been going to church and anger management classes in the Benton County Jail and also taking religious correspondence courses. He said he wanted to get his bachelor's or master's degree and go into counseling and pastoral care.

The incident happened when Mrs. Waldroup, accompanied by Ms. Bradshaw, brought the five Waldroup children over for a visit. He said earlier that he was drinking that day and does not remember much of what happened.

One of his children testified that he said that day, "I'm the devil and I'm here to do his work."

Mr. Crisp called his daughter "one of the kindest, most tender people I know."

He said, "It seemed like the evidence was enough that we ought to have gotten murder 1. A hundred people have told me that."
Mr. Crisp said in the aftermath, "The whole family is tore up. The children have become bitter, depressed and withdrawn."

Kara Scott, only sister of Leslie Bradshaw, said tearfully, "There's been so many times I wanted to pick up the phone and call her, but she's not there."

She said, "For her to have died the way that she did, it's just more than I can stand sometimes."

Ms. Scott said she had been a million-dollar real estate producer, but later became a $15,000-a-year teacher's aide after she took in all her sister's kids.

Sue Crisp, the victim's mother, said Leslie was "the glue that held us together. We went to her house for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. We've not been together as a family since.

"I don't know what I'm going to do - I miss her so much. That was my baby.

"I keep waiting for her to come back. I can't comprehend it. I can't believe what's happened to us."

Mrs. Crisp said, "She was not an evil person. She was there to help her best friend."

Penny Waldroup said, "I have nightmares of the event. I can't sleep at night. I often get up and look out most nights to make sure he's not there."

She said she was out of work for 22 weeks and had to declare bankruptcy. She said the children stayed with others part of the time.

She said she lost a finger and has pain in both arms and hands from the deep wounds.

The Waldroups' oldest daughter, 13-year-old Chelsea, testified on her father's behalf. She said, "I was an all-out daddy's girl. We did everything together. I still love him more than anything. We have an unbreakable relationship."

She said her mother is often gone away from the children and does not seem to have time for them.

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