What Could Go Wrong In Walden - And Response (3)

Monday, December 2, 2019

The proposed strip center at Lines Orchids in Walden is highly controversial and many things could go wrong:

A supermarket employee puts cleaning/disinfecting chemicals down store drains degrading the untested “drip” waste water system. 

Light and noise pollution from the property damages the character and property values of the Timesville neighborhood. 

The junction of Timesville Road and Taft Highway becomes a bottleneck increasing risks of accidents.

Changes in the grocery industry cause the grocery store to go out of business resulting in a sub-standard tenant with reduced tax revenue. 

Heavy storm water runoff from the large parking lot and roofs further pollutes Middle Creek and Rainbow Lake. 

Walden has to establish a police force to provide coverage for the development with costs exceeding $250,000 per year.

The waiving of zoning rules sets off chaotic sprawl, turning Taft Highway into an eyesore damaging the ambiance of the town and the residential tax base. 

Walden is forced to raise taxes.  

We must stop this controversial project and complete a land-use plan that will garner the unanimous support of our three aldermen before proceeding.

Harriette and Earl Hereford

* * * 

Harriette and Earl Hereford are so right.  They are by no means alone.  Let's bring things to light.

Now, look!  Something stinks to high heaven with the Walden mayor and a single alderwoman running roughshod over the objections of the public to building a large box-store for grocery use with accompanying gas station, commercial buildings and parking right on Taft Highway.

This decision is far too odious, and a good common-sense public explanation for overriding all of the reasons cited for rethinking this development is warranted.  Of the numerous letters sent to Chattanoogan.com and other venues exposing the reasons this decision defies common sense and good judgment there are two letters that are irrefutable.

Every person who lives anywhere on Signal Mountain must please invest the few minutes necessary to look at these two submissions to Chattanoogan.com from credible people who know.  Here are links to the two letters:



Now, Mr. Mayor of Walden, please explain publicly how it is good sense to totally disregard this excellent reasoning because it looks like the developer has you in his pocket.  Unless these letters are completely in error it’s impossible for a right-minded official to determine your decision is anything but disastrous for all the people of Signal Mountain and I’m publicly announcing this to you and every person affected.

David Saluk

* * *

The letters by the Herefords and David Saluk are so very correct.  The zoning has been changed from residential to VC-1 which specifies what should constitute a “village center”, but the plan for development that has been submitted does not fit this. 

The mayor and the one alderman who approved this change in zoning should think again strongly about the content of the the two links in Mr. Saluk’s letter, and also what what Vice Mayor Davis has expressed in his opposition.  No such development, as it is currently proposed, should be undertaken, especially given the widespread opposition of the Walden populace. 

The mayor and the aldermen should be in unanimous agreement, and should have the strong support of the Walden public for any development to be undertaken.

Lawrence Nagle

* * * 

I have lived on Signal Mountain for 40 years and at my present residence in Walden for 30 years, but I must live in a different side of town from the folks who have voiced the above negative opinions.  Most all of my friends and neighbors are very much in support of our elected officials and the new grocery store coming to Walden soon. 

I think that the silent majority needs to be recognized as present and accounted for, but I don’t think that there is any point in boring everyone with listing all the positive reasons again that our elected officials made the right decision in approving this project. 

I am very proud of our elected officials for standing up for the overall well being of the town of Walden in spite of the vocal minority.

David G. Garvey

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