No To The Green Deal

Friday, April 12, 2019

As a student at Northside Junior high, my civics teacher, Mrs. May K. Smith had us compare democracy to communism. That was when I first leaned about the  tragic failures of communism and the successes of capitalism. 

This “Green New Deal” is actually just another approach to communism. Born out of class envy and nourished in ignorance, it’s the same old mendacity that’s failed repeatedly hiding behind the guise of “fairness.” Even major union leaders oppose it saying it would lead many into poverty. Consider Venezuela where ten years ago people were earning a decent living but are now living in darkness, near starvation and desperate to leave. 

Liberals say socialism works in California.That’s not true. California symbiotically interacts with 49 other states which actually subsidize them at times. California’s health care system has been funded by 70 percent by the federal government (US Bureau of the Census State and Local Finance, historic tables, 1984-2018). That likely won’t continue because of a cap of $10,000 on mortgage deductions and a cap on state income tax deductions. In the past those of us who didn’t have massive walled estates couldn’t take those big right-offs. Both changes are causing Californians to leave for states with lower taxes and booming economies. 

Currently California is begging the federal government for funding for their high-speed rail system. One of the cornerstones of the so-called Deal is the replacement of planes and cars with these rail lines. California’s leftist governor recently revealed the high speed line they are planning has no path for the line to go. In other words, give us tax money for a train to no where. I couldn’t think of a better motto for the New Green Deal.

Another of the Deal’s biggest lies is that everything will run on electricity. Have you wondered how they will produce electricity with no fossil fuels which are to be eliminated under the Deal? Consider Spotsylvania County, Va. Six thousand, three hundred fifty acres of woodlands are being clear-cut to make way for massive solar panel farms. Haven’t lefties lectured us for decades on how clear-cutting dangerously alters ecosystems? But the Green Deal could require much, much more clear-cutting. Again for them it’s okay especially if they can hide it. This is not conservation. Maybe that’s why Patrick Moore, co-founder of Green Peace, calls it completely crazy.

Once there were people who claimed they could control the weather. Today we have modern versions of the rain-makers like  one who calls herself “The Boss.” Last year she was mixing adult beverages. This year she’s an economic and scientific expert on everything from climate change to spending over $30 trillion on “Medicare for all.” Recently she led a move to block Amazon from locating in Queens, N.Y. She opposed the state and city giving $3 billion in tax incentives for the corporation to locate there. Apparently she thought $3 billion was just lying around which should be spent on her social projects. In reality, the estimated $12 billion in revenue from Amazon sales she stopped cold could have lowered NY taxes for working people including the 25,000 Amazon workers the state won’t have now. 

Daily she says something crazier than the day before and the leftist media promotes her. On an MSNBC “Town Hall” she was boasting about not resorting to name calling like her enemies whom she says are white supremacists and xenophobic. This time her ignorance was of history when she said “they had to amend the Constitution to make sure Roosevelt didn’t get re-elected.” FDR was dead when the 22nd Amendment limiting presidential terms was passed. No one on the show corrected her probably because they didn’t know it either. Rather it’s all about ranting the injustice narrative and we’ve seen they don’t let the truth get in the way of their facts. Within a few days of that show “The Boss” was proudly proclaiming the migrants were leaving Central American countries because of climate change.

She’s not alone. There’s Beto (pronounced Bay-toe) from El Paso. Nervously flapping  and bobbing, Bay-toe jumps on car hoods and lunch counters to rant against capitalism and climate change. Someone should ask “The Boss” and Bay-toe if capitalism is so unjust, why aren’t the migrant caravans going to socialist Venezuela?

They’re now tossing around the crazy myth that we only have 12 years left on the planet? Really? Gore said in 2006 the polar ice caps would melt in 10 years. Notice how they never start that Apocalyptic Clock? The hot air is really from their crazy talk but we shouldn’t just laugh them off.

Socialist Bernie Sanders is the prototype of Alternate Reality who lectures us on the injustice of capitalism. That’s from a millionaire  who now flies around in private jets and owns four homes. People in Russia didn’t take the Bolsheviks seriously. The model for Marxism takes place in incremental stages. Lenin said “the goal of socialism is communism.” We should ask old wealthy Bernie if that’s true.

We should carefully  consider what they say. Recently Senator Kamala Harris was asked how she proposes to pay for all this free stuff they promise. She said, “it’s not about the cost.” There it is! They have no plan to pay for it, just empty promises hiding their real goals: statism, regulation and control-just what Lenin said a hundred years ago in Russia. That is what we should fear, not Trump’s wall.

I’m not part of any vast conspiracy as Trump-haters might say. But I smell a con job. I know history and understand civics. So tell those who gleefully admire AOC, Daniel Ortega, Hugo Chavez, Che Guevara and the rest of these Marxists, that we oppose any plan which leads nations to poverty. Tell them “system failure” and relegate their New Green Deal to the same end as Hillary’s fizzled fireworks display on election night. 

Ralph Miller

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Find The Good And Praise It

Critics like to point out some of the shortcomings of our education system, and we should welcome that debate. A one-size-fits-all system does not work for everyone; it never has and never will. The system will continue to evolve, albeit slowly, and adjustments will always be needed. We should always welcome discussion about public education, which is the highest priority in most ... (click for more)

Send Your Opinions To; Include Your Full Name, Address, Phone Number For Verification

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