A Thank You To City Councilwoman Demetrus Coonrod, And An Update

Monday, April 15, 2019

Although we're not in your district, you took the time to respond to an email my husband sent to the city councilman of our district concerning an incident where city workers on March 21, doing work in and around the storm water ditch that runs alongside our home, accidentally broke out our son's rear window on his convertible Cobra Mustang when an object of some kind must have flown out from under a trimmer or something being operated and hit the rear window, breaking it. An individual from the city did come out and called police where an incident report was made and my husband said the individual stated "he'd be in touch." 

After a week of not hearing anything back my husband sent an email to the 311 Department and the young lady immediately responded stating the info would be forwarded. At the time we were merely hoping to gather information on whether there was anything else we needed to do on our end to get things moving. When we heard nothing after about another week we decided to write our city councilman, but heard nothing directly from him. It seems your reply was sent on or around April 4 but for whatever reason it went to my husband's spam folder.  

We're grateful that you took time out from your schedule to respond. The car is in wonderful running condition in addition to holding a lot of sentimental value to our son (USAF). Although the Mustang is no longer used for traveling, it has taken him to military bases on assignments pretty much all across the nation. From Florida to Virginia and on through the Colorado mountains in the dead of winter, up to Utah and a number of other states. 

When we didn't receive a response from our city councilman, or thought we hadn't received any reply at all, we wrote the mayor's office. Only today, Sunday, when I decided to check my husband's spam box on his behalf to clean it out, because he forgets to check it, did I notice a response from you. 

We still haven't gotten a response one way or the other from the city works department. However, we just wanted to let you know how grateful we are that you took the time to respond, although we don't live in your district. 

Forever Grateful,
Camp & Brenda Washington 

* * * 

Camp and I just want to take the time to thank Mayor Andy Berke and Miss Loudermilk for responding after I wrote  to the Chattanoogan about the broken rear window on our son's Mustang. Regardless of the outcome and whatever the city works department decide, we're both grateful they both took the time to respond. It's understandable that with such a busy schedule, and I'm sure Mayor Berke receives many emails, that he cannot be expect to reply to them all. 

My husband and I have always thought highly of Mayor Berke, and always will. 

Anyone care for another story of the ventures of Miz Cobra M?

Well here goes, whether you want to hear it or not:

It was the dead of winter, January to be exact, when my son was on his way to a military base in Utah. The route taking him through parts of Colorado. As always, when traveling a great distances or isolated areas he passed on detail information about the routes he'd be taking.  On this occasion, believing he'd avoid the bad Colorado weather that time of the year by taking a more southern route from Denver and head upward through southern parts of Utah, he decided it might be safer travel south upward rather than continue traveling northward. I hadn't lived in Colorado since the 1970s, but there was something about the route he planned I found disturbing for whatever reason. I couldn't shake the premonition and the feeling this was not the better route to take. 

So I sent out pleas to all those who've traveled the lands before and even to Miz C'Tang, asking if this was not the route to take to please guide my son onto a safer one. Finally, after days of feeling a sense of foreboding a calmness took hold and I felt peace.

Low and behold, when he arrived in Denver and was within minutes of taking that originally planned route, he stopped for gas and noticed Miz Cobra was leaking radiator fluid. He called to have the car towed to a shop using a plan he keeps for such emergencies, and when the tow operator came out to tow the car a conversation ensued with the tower asking him where he was heading. My son told him and explained the route he plan to take.  The tow truck operator told him not to take that route but to continue on the northerly route once the car was repaired. The tow operator went on to say they'd had several vehicles lose their brakes using that route and go over the steep mountainside. They'd already had either five or six fatalities for the month of January alone. The narrow roads could be unsafe even in warmer months. In winter months they could be especially treacherous and deadly. 

When Miz Cobra was repaired my son continued on the northerly route the tow operator had advised and made it safely into Utah. 

End of Story. 

Thank You/ A special Thank You To Mayor Berke and Miss Loudermilk. At least we now have a better understanding of matters.

Brenda & Camp Washington 

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Support ESAs To Build Up The Next Generation

Education is a powerful tool that has the ability to change the trajectory of children’s lives. A good education provides our children with the tools they need to be successful, and it can open doors for them. Conversely, an education that does not prepare a child for the path ahead, keeps him or her trapped in the circumstances they are born into. The importance of a good education ... (click for more)

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