Roy Exum: Earn The Right To Vote

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 - by Roy Exum
Roy Exum
Roy Exum

For a person to legally vote in Tennessee is astonishingly easy. Go to any election commission in Tennessee, show a valid and acceptable identification card and the whole process takes 4-6 minutes -- tops. All of America wants you to vote and I will do anything I can to help make that happen. But in the last week or so, a flurry of lawsuits has been filed because our State Legislature is determined to make it harder for the louts – some who are clearly racists and white supremacists alike —to cheat.

Understand, in my opinion neither of the two biggest political parties in our state are particularly nice people. The Democrats are so addled, fragmented and noxious they couldn’t saddle a winner on a Ferris wheel. The Republicans are equally distasteful to me, their haughty ways and devious actions as big a disservice to our nation as the GOP’s willingness to “help.” Oh, and check this: Go to any Congressional website, pick out any Republican, and compare that Congressperson’s financial disclosures. Many have been in office since the first election after The Last Supper.

But you can do this in just minutes on any of them. For example, let’s take Senator Marsha Blackburn, the one woman in all the world who has done more to perpetuate the sadistic and nauseating crimes against Tennessee Walking Horses. In 2009 – 10 years ago -- her net worth was $268,514 yet today, this also from, her net worth is $1.6 million. Is that amazing or what?

 What is most curious to me is that I have thousands of Republicans and Democrats who I adore – if only each group would act like the principled public servants when they are by themselves. Get them alone and each is a winner. It’s when they get all troughed up in the ‘adult beverages’ tent that the zaniest ideas appear.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind both parties would not hesitate two seconds to cheat, committing voter fraud but lawsuits are being filed to strike down the new voter fraud legislation and what is hysterical is that the ones filing suit are the same ones who would register 17 dead people, about three-fourths of the dead people voting just in time to keep the most rotten politicians in office for another rotten term.

You know it happens. I know it happens; Governor Bill Lee knows it happens. The funniest ones are where 517 ballots that are cast in a rural county where there are just 325 people on the voter rolls. All humor aside, with a tainted ballot box many dangers can occur and, sadly, somewhere right now they are taking a slick politician to the hoosegow.

In North Carolina one county’s registered voters list included the entire Atlanta Braves roster. In one instance the state courts demanded a new election the fraud was so widespread. In Mississippi it was unconscionable what thee whites did to beat the blacks down … the murders, the hangings … but that was 65 years ago. Please, bury it with everyones petty prejudices and move on.

The new laws against voter fraud in Tennessee are good ones. Any moron who claims it will make voting “too hard” is an idiot. If a person can’t properly apply for a voter’s ID card, by virtue it is an honor, ought to have the same gumption that many millions in America have shown to get one properly.

The reason for the new laws is the shiftless criminals who “game” the system. Because of marked lack of principle, these “fringe players” gravitate to one of two Tennessee cities that are both ranked among the Top Ten most dangerous cities in the United States – Memphis and Chattanooga. “The organizers” will approach anyone – drugged-up dope dealers, deserters from the French Foreign Legion. And offer a dollar per signed voter registration card. They pay cash –no drug test or Social Security -- even for incomplete applications that the law also demands must be turned, our election commissioners will vet them as soon as possible.

Understand, Boss Tweed, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, ‘The Bigger Bopper, … so now it is the elections official who goes on an exhaustive search for a guy who died in Tupelo 11 years ago. All the new law said is it will be illegal in anyone brings more that can be vetted.

The carnival crier – he pays a buck in cash with no receipt. At the 2016 Shelby County edition, on the very last day of Voters registration, our misfit drops a pile of 10,000 voter applications that are to be properly vetted in five days for the election.

The voter applications are subterfuge. The real goal is chaos. We could get every sailor in the 3rd Fleet to mind the phones and it would still be nigh-impossible to vet each application. The “shreekers,” you know … the overweight and shouting,” My rights, my ballots … call the police!”

The cops show, and the fat lady who lives to flaunt her gloom-and-doom that many believe her outlandish behavior is part of some Koch Brothers contract , has passed out, being tended to by a funeral home fan committee. Man, are you kidding me? Toss the riot-makers in jail on a 24-hour watch, check their ‘priors’ and let’s return to civil behavior.

Our voters show instant photo ID at the emergency room, the beer line at Food City, the departure gate at the airport, and on and on. Yet it is in our voting blocks the trash wants us to believe they are far more discerning than the rest of us and are bringing suit to bypass hurdles to get you to vote… that’s how much they worry.

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