Litter Is Marring Our Beautiful City

  • Friday, January 31, 2020

I want to speak about the litter that is marring our beautiful city. The trash problem along our roadways has become increasingly serious, and we are concerned about the solutions(s). It saddens me that so many people are apathetic or have never been taught how to care for our environment. 

Much social media discussion has taken place lately, and there have been some good suggestions: install cameras and heavily fine anyone who litters; create an "adopt a road/highway" program for those in the community to help with the cleanup; place graphic billboards around town as a reminder to keep our beautiful city free of trash; and educate our children to take pride in their community by not littering.

Some neighborhood communities are trying to organize cleanup efforts with the hope that others will get involved.

We want to be proud of our city, not only for the innumberable assets it offers, but because of its natural beauty and cleanliness.  In recent years, Chattanooga has become one of the best cities in which to live. Let's not go back to those days when Chattanooga was unappealing, and let's unite to help solve this issue.

Maggie Hall

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