Trump Is The Wrong Person To Lead This Country - And Response (4)

Monday, June 29, 2020

This is an opinion piece concerning our president and the state of affairs our country finds itself in now. I am not promoting Joe Biden nor am I criticizing the Republican party. But I do want to emphasize that we have the wrong person presently leading this country and what will happen to us if he gets reelected.

I think I am the age now to be able to reflect on the last 50 years and things that have happened in history during this time. I can even go back further than 50 but I would have rather portrayed what I saw as a young man even though I remember Eisenhower as president.

First, every president from then until now has shown a mature, respectful demeanor to the office of the president and even had funny moments that hurt no one. But, this man now is the most disrespectful and untruthful human being to ever hold this office; due to COVID-19, the upheaval from the George Floyd killing and now the story that Russia had put out a bounty on U.S. troops. I wish some other Republican would have at least tried to run against him and for any of you that keeps up with the news, even Fox News, you will see that it appears this really should be concerning.

Donald J. Trump lives for praise, his personality demands it. He is a egotistical narcissistic human being and I feel is a danger to our country's values. Please, anyone who reads then understand that I am not against his party but this real estate, reality TV show host has no business being our president. A president doesn't mock people's infirmities as in the handicapped, nor does he make up schoolyard names for men or women who oppose him, he shouldn't fire everyone who he feels is a threat to him. A good man doesn't retweet a video that has been online for over a year showing a young white and black child running toward each other and hugging to show the black child running away in a doctored video. You don't say the COVID virus appears to be behind us when Florida records 18,000 cases in two days and all the medical professionals say look out. You don't say you didn't hear someone yelling white power in a video that is in the first few seconds and loud. You don't say you weren't briefed when intelligence officers, American special forces and spies say Russia was offering a bounty for dead U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, are you kidding me?

Now, for the die hard Trump fans, in his interview with Sean Hannity he says he may lose because nobody loves him. You might prepare for him dropping out of the race because if he loses he will probably need to go to a mental hospital because he is not worshiped and praised as mentioned in Tucker Carlson's show. If this man was one of your closest friends would you put up with him saying he was the greatest and best and the smartest at everything there is? Someone who uses his fame to say how he reacts to women "you know grabbing something" and has been with porn stars while married and compares his presidency to Abraham Lincoln. His children have offices in the White House and help him make decisions.

All I am saying, please be careful because truly this election with all that is going on could be the biggest decision you ever make for your country.

Clifton Duggan

* * * 

Mr. Duggan, I’m a student of history not anyone’s die-hard fan. In response to your post about Trump being the wrong person to lead the nation, consider these facts about his opposition.

Hillary’s failed bid for president began with small events with selected attendees given questions to ask her. Eventually she had to hold big rallies. That’s when she began having coughing fits and collapses.

Joe Biden is 10 years older than Hillary was then. He’s had two life-threatening brain aneurysms in 1988. Now he too is holding little events with handpicked attendees. His last appearance before a crowd was four months ago. But reporters don’t question Joe’s fitness or mental acuity, instead they focus on Trump.

In Lancaster, Pa., during one of his small events, Joe’s livestream abruptly stopped when he said over 120 million had died from the Coronavirus. Local reporters were barred because they might have seen him as he really is. Remember the media disaster when a carefully depicted Mike Bloomberg folded like an old card table during the debates.

Before the quarantine Joe’s rallies were drawing small numbers (Daily Wire, May, 19, Politico, May 28, 2019; NBC News, Sept 23, 2019; National Review, Jan 30, 2020; Political Wire). It was Bernie who drew the big crowds. When early primary votes were counted, despite the polls, Joe didn’t win. After Bloomfield tanked, party officials rallied behind Joe and soon others began dropping out leaving Joe to win by default.

Then the virus became an excuse to keep Joe in the cellar. On the campaign trail he might not remember where he is, confuse facts with truth (Aug. 8, 2019), be unable to finish sentences or have more profanity laced rants (Oct. 11, 2019). And controlling questions means Joe avoids offending the anarchists.

The media is daily gloating about Joe’s lead in the polls. Hillary led in the polls but lost. Joe led in the polls early in the primaries and then lost several times. Polling is suspect, especially when relying on internet-based surveys, not of likely registered voters, but randomly chosen adults (WSJ, June 2020).

Knowing history is important in choosing a president. Joe Biden would be more useful in a museum with all those statues the progressives find offensive. Clearly President Trump must be doing something right for the leftists to be willing to destroy the country to stop his re-election.

Ralph Miller

* * *

Mr. Duggan offers up much criticism of President Donald J. Trump in his article which is his right to do so. Some may be merited, certainly by no means the most is not.

Mr. Duggan largely attacks his personality but more seriously slings some accusations and allegations that he does not attempt to verify. I agree President Trump does have mannerisms that most fair-minded persons believe are inconsiderate and/or rude at times. Not always though. President Theodore (Rough Rider Teddy) Roosevelt may have been close to the equivalent of our current president.

Also Mr. Duggan, the press said some vicious things about President Lincoln but history proved the press later was wrong. The deliberately false and misleading news media now with the aid of Pelosi and Schumer continually try to snare and entrap Trump by every means literally imaginable. Federal bureaucrats attempted an entrapment coup to remove him which if successful would have robbed or taken away a lawful election and the peoples' vote. That should scare everyone.

However, I try to look beyond President Trump’s day to day personality to what he has accomplished and is trying to accomplish for this country. Such as getting rid of a terrible North American Free Trade Agreement (NATFA) trade agreement and replacing it with what will work for and help citizens here by bringing jobs and skills back. He wants workable laws to control and keep out illegal aliens that have included MS-13 gang members, drug smugglers and terrorists. Pelosi and Schumer opposed him on that. He has gotten some North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) members to “ante up” more of their due share in defense support of Europe. He supports responsible law enforcement. A sizable number of hopefully constitutionally minded judges jurists have been appointed and confirmed. This, instead of legislative law-making judges that issue obstructive rulings later overturned for the most part. The list continues on.

If you know or remember, past presidents of both parties have not served us very well. President Trump was elected to office because the majority of voters saw a candidate different from smooth-talking professional politicians and as someone who advocated a lot of their same concerns.

Now to Mr. Duggan’s assertions and accusations. Medical and health professionals have stated they do not know all of what they want to about the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic. Several doctors have changed and reversed their recommendations on the advice and instructions they have given for our safety in this first-ever particular virus. It appears Mr. Trump has managed the pandemic better than all other countries unless it’s South Korea.

Next, Trump made a simple and open statement after the New York Times piece on bounty being placed on U.S. defense personnel in Afghanistan that he had not been briefed. Intelligence may not have been sufficient at the time to make the positive call. This isn’t the only war whereas U.S. military knew a price was put on them. We were told in Vietnam that the NVA would pay for live military personnel in order to do as they wanted to us. So, if we are fair how can we lay those unproven pieces at President Trump’s size 12’s.

Mr. Trump asks for advice but makes his own decisions. Apparently, his opposing candidate will be managed by a cadre of liberal and socialist advisors. As of now everyone can have our opinions in this free country unless we go to a socialist communist style government as some elected congressional members in Washington want.

I will follow Mr. Duggan’s advice about being very careful with my vote in the upcoming presidential election as it is important.

Gerald Presley

* * *

Mr. Duggan is 100 percent correct in his assessment of Donald J. Trump.  Never has there been a President so egotistical and narcissistic, who behaves like a toddler when anyone disagrees with him.  At 74, it is amazing that he continues to behave like a schoolyard bully, complete with name-calling.  He is delusional, lies to continually cover his lack of intelligence and soothe his ego, and is woefully ignorant of historical facts.  
Our country is in chaos.  Trump refuses to address the coronavirus and the 120,000+ Americans whose lives have been lost as a result, instead repeating that it is "dying out".  Not one word of consolation to the families who have lost loved ones.  Conducting rallies indoors, without masks or social distancing, serves to amplify his egregious lack of responsibility.        

Donald J. Trump is racist and makes no attempt at unifying our country.  No mention of the horrific death of George Floyd and the hurt and protests it has generated.  No remorse at forcefully removing peaceful protesters in Lafayette Park in order to walk across Lafayette Square to St. John's Church, where he stood and held aloft a Bible, upside down.  Trump's staggering disconnect, not only from his job as President, but from reality as well, is truly disturbing.

The following paragraph is in reference to Trump's golf outing on Sunday in Virginia where he tweeted a video of a fan chanting "white power".  Trump goes on to say these are "great people".  
"The video remained on the president's Twitter page, where he has 82 million followers, for more than three hours because White House officials couldn't reach him to ask him to delete it, the two officials said. The president was at his golf club in Virginia and had put his phone down, the officials said."

Our President had "put his phone down" and was unreachable for hours.  Really?

Cheri Taylor

* * *

From CNN today, 30 June,2020: The US has 4.4 % of the world population and 25% of reported Covid 19 cases. 

We are a world leader, yes.  Is our leader a  leader? No.
Prentice Hicks

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