Before You Mandate Masks, Consider - And Response (3)

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

For weeks now, since the start of Covid-19, grocery store employees, cashiers at big box stores, etc. have been told to wear masks.  I wonder though, has anyone considered the health ramifications of being in a mask for 8-12 hours a day?

We know it certainly puts the public "at peace."  

I've heard complaints of employees leaving work with headaches, labored breathing and intense sweating behind the masks. Yesterday, while at the grocery store, I saw an elderly employee with her mask hanging from her ear. She looked at me and said, "I took my mask off.  At my age, I can't breathe behind it."  

We have heard Dr. Fauci say the masks aren't necessary.  We've heard Dr. Fauci admit to lying about the masks.  We have heard all kinds of changing information surrounding Covid-19. 

I can't help but wonder what will happen down the road if we discover negative health ramifications of wearing masks.

Tanya Goodpasture

*  *  *

As a healthcare worker, I can assure you that wearing masks for the general public are not hazardous. 

I wear a mask for eight to nine hours daily. I often switch from my employer provided masks to cotton masks because the real issue is that they drive some of us nuts. They fog up my glasses. I bought special anti-fog glasses cleaners, no luck with those. 

But the reason I wear a mask is to safeguard others. Of course we all wear masks at work. I think the misconception is that if you wear a mask it totally protects you. No. Your mask protects others. Our masks protect you.  

I have asthma, I’m over 65. It does not alter breathing. I’ve checked my O2 level, there is no difference. 

I think about all the hospital workers I’ve known over the years who never complained about masks. I think about our frontline workers now, who have indentations in their faces from medical masks. 

So for the general public to wear a mask for whatever time you might be in public, it’s a very small price to pay to protect others. It comes with virtually no hazard that I have experienced, except the inconvenience or fogging glasses. 

I’ve often found myself driving home from work and realized I still had my mask on. 

Please do it for safety. The real hazard comes in not wearing a mask around others.  

Joan Williams

* * *

Given the opinions and now mandatory requirements to wear face masks and social distance in Hamilton County, it appears to me that we are now living in a time where personal responsibility and kindness have been advocated by city and county politicians to rules and regulations.  I wish we all could be civil and do the right thing but now it's more about " a political statement" and " what is right vs wrong by wearing or not wearing a face mask".  We have lost our rights given the motivations of groups including local government and media outlets based on their view of what is right or wrong. How much more are we willing to give up?  What will it take to get it back if we can?  Will we be ostracized for saying the pledge of allegiance to the U.S. flag?  Can we still speak without retribution?  I find it very concerning of what has been done can't be changed without changes in the hearts and minds of the people.

Timothy Bittenbender

* * *

I have always been one to question the doctor in order to be at peace with the decisions I make, particularly concerning my children - "will the antibiotic work if it's viral?" for instance.  When asking a pediatrician that question once, I was told, "No.  But some parents won't leave without one." I have heard about the ramifications of over-prescribing antibiotics.  

In the same way, I have questioned the health ramifications of wearing masks simply by considering the complaints of those wearing them.  These symptoms of headache, labored breathing and an overall sense of not feeling well have caused me to pause and ask questions.  
And so, I respectfully asked Mayor Coppinger to consider these symptoms before mandating the wearing of masks.  However, it appears the voice of fear is triumphing and so those of us who have valid concerns of wearing masks have been negated.  

I also thought about all the times I have been hospitalized in the past.  The only time I saw nurses in masks was when I was going into surgery, when it was necessary to keep things sterile.

So, if you dare to take 17 minutes of your time to listen to another voice - a trained medical professional - maybe the vicious attacks, such as in Randy Price's article titled "Selfish, Self-Centered and Dangerous," will cease, and thoughtful solutions to the problems we face will occur.  

See video: Breaking down Covid-19 by Dr. Kelly Victory.

Tanya Goodpasture

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