Alarming Case Of Boy With Assault Rifle - And Response (5)

Wednesday, November 24, 2021
The Rittenhouse case of boy and gun should alarm each of us. That child, minus the cape, asked his mom to take him to Kenosha. He lives in Illinois. Mom  said yes. "Why Kyle darling, do you want to go to Kenosha?"  Kyle says to mom, I will take my EMT bag and help." "Oh, darlin boy, that is so nice."   
Kyle packs and with him is an AR 15 assault rifle, with enough ammunition to take on a real military threat.  Mom says, "Why Kyle, why do you need your rifle if you are there to help with medical needs?"  "Mom, don't you know that I need the gun for protection." 
Mom drives the boy to Kenosha from Illinois.  Kyle tends to wander in the crowd with a rifle at his chest. Where was his medical bag?
The extreme right wing in this country believes that self defense in whatever form qualifies this child to kill two and wound another. Video claiming to show self defense shows in my view a boy carrying a threatening weapon. Let alone that he appears the aggressor in the many photos, not a hero at all. 
Did the judge and the community of Trump make the case their own and further its outcome?  A clearly biased judge and we all were entertained in justice by opinion.
Robert Brooks
* * *
Mr. Brooks, anyone surprised at the Rittenhouse verdict or puzzled about the suspect in Waukesha needs to stop getting their news from CNN or MSNBC.

From a variety of sources you would know: the three shot in Kenosha and the suspect in Waukesha all had criminal history, some very violent. The three in Kenosha and the suspect in Waukesha apparently didn’t have jobs. If they did, the leftist media would be singing their praises 24/7 as wonderful contributors to the community.

It was falsely circulated online that Rittenhouse was driven “by his mom across state lines to get to Kenosha with an AR-15.” Testimony in court proved that untrue. It was implied Rittenhouse came from 21 miles away for the purpose of what he was accused of doing but almost nothing was said about Gaige Grosskreutz, the man shot but not killed, driving 41 miles armed with a handgun for which the permit had expired.

Grosskreutz was often praised for being “trained as a paramedic,” but that was not why he was shot. During the violence of the riot, he aimed his illegal handgun at Rittenhouse’s head. He testified under oath to that fact and that’s why he was shot.

The leftist media machine used the Rittenhouse trial to demand more gun control. They never get that explosive when a progressive DA who campaigned on zero or low bail allows a criminal out on bond who then commits more mayhem and sometimes even murder.

By the time Rittenhouse got to Kenosha the protest was a full blown riot with businesses burning and dangerous people unleashed on the innocent, just like what has happened when so many of these progressive DAs who campaign on zero bail get elected.

Ralph Miller

* * *

This rebuttal is mostly for Mr. Miller. I see you, Mr. Miller, as someone always correcting other people with your views; correcting anyone who is a democrat or an independent, because only you have the answers. You portray yourself as having the wisdom of Solomon, and all your replies are God-given testimonies. Anyone who disagrees with your analysis of a situation is evil and wrong. No doubt, you are a Trump-loving Republican, who favors such an evil man as a god. This country was founded on more than one political party that was suppose to negotiate in good faith for the betterment of their citizens, but you only see it is my way or the highway.

Was Kyle Rittenhouse guilty? He was in a way, for someone who wanted to protect a car dealership from another state, and wasn't even invited; to someone who was too young to own an AR-15; to someone who drove with no license to a state he didn't even live in. Now I ask you, if you are armed and react to someone else shooting a gun and someone comes up to you to try and disarm you, and they are unarmed, do you need to shoot them four times, and then another man {unarmed} tries to stop you by kicking you in the head, you shoot at twice without hitting him. While Rittenhouse was on the ground  another guy tried to stop him with a skateboard and Rittenhouse shot him in the chest and killed him. And then another man pointed a gun at him and Rittenhouse shot him, after already killing two people. No one should have had guns, especially basically a child. Would Kyle Rittenhouse have had a problem with anyone if he was trying to administer medical aid to anyone who needed it? Or protect an establishment he was no where near? Do EMT's carry AR-15's.

Mr. Miller, stop trying to defend only the republican right and trying to make sense of something that surely should have never happened. Republicans are not the only ones going to Heaven and your one-sided view is never gonna to cut it. Jesus is my Lord and I know what's right or wrong and you, sir, with your opinion are wrong. Because someone who has warrants, and a police record doesn't always mean they are horrible people who need to be exterminated from earth. They still have families who love them, and always, and I repeat always, have a chance of redemption through our Lord.

So, as usual, I expect a rebuttal from one-sided people who have forgotten that lives are important and politics are in no way an excuse to live your life against your fellow man.

Clifton Duggan
* * *

I wish Robert Brooks and all our local professional protesters would worry more about boys with guns in our city than in Wisconsin. On the same day Rittenhouse was found not guilty of all charges, another teenager in our city was arrested for the shooting at Hamilton Place last summer. Two juveniles were arrested earlier. 

Saturday an 18-year-old was shot by another 18-year-old and his 15-year-old apprentice. They told the victim he was going to die. As far as I know, they didn't drive across state lines to commit the crime.

Also, just coincidentally the same day of Brooks' letter complaining about our judicial system, a jury of 11 whites and one black convicted the three white morons in Georgia of murder. How do you like that verdict, Robert? Oh, white judge too.

Just a reminder that one demographic that makes up 13 percent of our population commits 53 percent of the murders. 

Douglas Jones

* * *

The Kyle Rittenhouse case was cut and dried, pure self-defense, everything else is irrelevant.

Sure, he shouldn't have been there in the first place, no matter what his motive was.

Thank goodness the jury was objective and followed the law in their correct verdict.

It's a shame we don't have more intelligent people like Mr. Miller in our society. We would definitely have a better world if we did. 

Jim Rosenbloom

* * *

Mr. Duggan apparently gets his news from Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon, just as Mr. Brooks does.  Every single claim he makes was proven to be false by direct testimony in the trial.  If Rittenhouse was legally not allowed to be in possession of the weapon, why were those charges dropped?  And how many rounds do you claimed he fired?  Not how many Don Lemon claims he fired, but how many were actually fired in the course of the trial testimony.  Perhaps it wasn't the best decision to be there, but that wasn't the charge to be considered.  

It was a purely political witch trial, and make no mistake, the real reason the dems are so upset with the verdict is because the rights of citizens to defend themselves against someone wishing to do them harm, and ultimately a tyrannical government, was resoundingly upheld.  

Dennis Wooden

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