Citizens Can Do Only So Much In The Constant Battle Against Litter

  • Friday, March 5, 2021

If we want to control the excessive litter problem around Hamilton County, I suggest we start with the commercial hauling companies.  Just take a drive down Amnicola or Wisdom Street towards the transfer stations on any given day and it is absolutely mind numbing the amount of trash in the right of ways.  Even when it is cleaned within 24 hours the rubbish is piling back up. 

Just today I was following Atomic transport trailer #T77 down Highway 153 towards Amnicola and what appeared to be empty mulch bags were flying out of what should have been an empty trailer and into following traffic.  The only reason I know they should be empty is they are contracted to haul from Chattanooga to Bradley County and then return empty back to the transfer station. 

If these commercial loads are not netted and secured properly, it is time for some heavy enforcement and fines. 

As for the private citizens caught littering, I say on top of increased fines a couple of weekends picking up trash on our local roadways should be a strong deterrent going forward.  Citizens can only volunteer so much of their time cleaning up the streets on their own and as of now it feels like we are heavily out-numbered with the amount of trash scattered around our city and county. 

Chris Morgan

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