The Honor In Being Unvaccinated - And Response (6)

Friday, September 17, 2021

Amidst the constant bombardment of vaccination headlines and total blitz our politicians push to have Americans do nothing but fantasize the euphoric paradise that is a 100 percent vaccinated populous constantly – above any alternative priority – I feel obliged to come forward and explain why me, and many of my close friends, are not only choosing not to be vaccinated, but finding it highly honorable to make such a decision.

The COVID obsessed would like you to believe Kung Flu is the new leprosy or the 21st century equivalent of the Bubonic Plague. They’d also like you to believe being unvaccinated is an obvious moral failure – justifying nothing short of an inquisition. Such beliefs are absurd – yet the rhetoric fails any metric of balance. Polarization is the idol of the constant news cycle.

Many forget that at the beginning of the pandemic, trust in the government was already so low that doubting COVID was real at all was considered by some to be a reasonable position. We’re shamelessly lied to at a constant rate. I don’t presume to know the truth, but I’m not stupid enough to ignore when I know I’m being lied to – and nothing makes me mad like knowing I’m being lied to. It immediately provokes my disrespect towards the liar.

Many forget a vaccine is completely based on trust. And many aren’t willing to do anything to acknowledge the lack of trust. I applaud my darker skinned brothers who remember their sterilized ancestors who were told ‘it’s a vaccine for your good’ – and I remember too well how much the leftists hate the lighter skinned people now. There’s always a vulnerable sub-population anywhere you look. I’ll learn from my brothers and realize their story is my own warning. Trust is earned, not given. Yet our politicians think trust is in abundant supply – what a fantasy. It’s not that the vaccine was bad… it’s that they weren’t given the vaccine. Even if you prove the vaccine is great and flawless, which you haven’t, you are still going to have to prove the needle in their hand is indeed the vaccine – which you can’t. Remember all those academics who preach the world is overpopulated? All those green freaks who believe humanity is a curse on the planet. You’d be wise not to trust them with anything. These are the same noble liars who would gladly line up smokers and execute them for the sake of public health. They even brag about how noble they are at lying. Should you trust someone who brags about how much they lie?

Many forget the senseless recall on the vaccine. Many forget the reasons given for it - less than 10 cases of error justified a recall? I’ve remember Fight Club. I remember the difficulties of a recall. And I remember the wisdom in realizing then that we are being lied to about the vaccine. What a shattering of trust. I recommend looking up vaccination acceptance in America. You’ll notice a the decline in “new vaccinations” right at the April 14 mark - not a coincidence. And one that’s never been recovered since.

Many forget that the highest percentage of the unvaccinated population for months was those who have a graduate school education level, followed by those who haven’t graduated high school. They’d love to have you believe being unvaccinated is the uneducated position – how wrong they are.

Many forget that the virus has only killed .2 percent of Americans – a number thankfully lower than the 3-4 percent originally projected. When you’re off by a magnitude of a logarithmic scale, the appropriate response is thanksgiving and rejoicing, not fear and tyranny. 

Many forget that there are those who were willing to die violently for our freedoms. Those who sacrificed their precious blood for us will be valued – and the freedom they valued will be valued higher than any fear of a horrible disease – let alone such a pathetic virus as this. That freedom is a higher value to me than my own life. Many forget there are things better than life – and worse than death. The freedom they died for is worth it. The threat of tyranny towards any end will be met with hesitation and resistance – honorably. I will not comply with anything that encroaches upon that sacred right – no matter how much you believe it’s for my, or your, benefit. And I should strive to defend that freedom in anyone else I disagree with.

Many forget the “Black Lives Matter” riots where suddenly politics was “following the science” of hypocrisy. Many forget how much Biden and Harris hated the vaccine as long as it was “Trump’s.” Many forget how, almost immediately, Fauci was expected to have funded the virus in a Chinese Lab. That was all just a “conspiracy” – nothing to see here. Bats and Bush meat. But now we know that wasn’t a conspiracy – and that Fauci lied under oath, yet via corruption walks free. I’m reminded again how God hates a proud look… Yet I’m supposed to trust the CDC and the government while he is honored? I don’t think so.

Many forget Sweden and how different their successful approach was to ours. They now enjoy a powerful natural immunity seemingly better than the vaccine. They enjoy almost no COVID because they earned it the hard way. I’d rather have COVID, suffer through it for a few days, than risk a political vaccine – one in which the president is hellbent on making more political each day. Remember those parents who bring their kids over to play with the one who has chicken pox? Let’s get this over with. That’s how many of us feel. We trust COVID more than we trust the politicians and “doctors.” Many of us also think COVID is that lame - because many of our friends who have had it have barely noticed it. Experience beats the news cycle. Experience is not aligning with the news cycle either.

Many forget ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, fluvoxamine, arguably hydroxychloroquine, and of living healthy, not being fat, exercising, etc. They want any fix other than self-responsibility. Many forget Joe Rogan’s quick turnaround and positive attitude. I found honor in his approach. Many forget vaccination isn’t the only viable option.

Many forget COVID doesn’t at all look like Polio and that the COVID vaccine doesn’t operate as well as the polio vaccine against COVID, but they certainly remember to shame you like Polio and COVID are identical. Does the Polio vaccine wear off over time. Do you need a third Polio booster shot once every six months?

Many forget that being asymptomatic absolves any guilt of wrongdoing towards transmitting any disease. Many forget that it’s nothing more than the cost of living. To overreact is to dampen life itself. And anything with a risk of only .2 percent isn’t close to being worth it.

Many forget we were promised two weeks when the two weeks became two months became 200 days became Australia and New Zealand.

Many forget “The Hangman” by Maurice Ogden, believing standing up for the rights of those who choose not to be vaccinated isn’t any of their business.

“The scaffold was raised for none but you.”

Honorable? To stand tall for your rights. To not live in fear. To live bravely and courageously. To abhor cowardice. To value your potential offspring. To look at the data and come to your own conclusion. To distrust liars. To recognize hypocrisy and say “not me.” To honor others who value your freedoms. To respect alternative approaches to complex problems. To live in a manner that values human connection and relationships. To live in mutual respect with those who disagree with you. To seek subtlety and doubt anything that is touted as absolute – especially when it’s a politician telling you it’s absolute. To believe church is essential. To believe any job you have is essential because you’re the one who has it and because you are essential intrinsically. To breathe fresh air. To sing without a muzzle. To trust only that which is trustworthy. To say “Heck No” to some old fart who makes a power grab towards being a king in a land with an awesome constitution. To think about something else… To think about anything else…

Yes. I’d say being unvaccinated is quite honorable. As for me and my house, we will roll our own dice – dice that aren’t any of your business.

Stephen Sells

* * * 

Mr. Sells, 

You wasted a lot of time and effort just to tell everyone that you're an incredibly selfish person. There's absolutely no honor in that. Time to take a long hard look at yourself and grow up.

Amanda Jenkins

* * * 

Maybe if all the honorable unvaccinated people would get vaccinated, all of the children wouldn’t have to. 

Larry Carlton

* * * 

Mr. Sells, I admire your willingness to share your personal decision.  I discussed my decision with my doctor and ultimately chose to get vaccinated, but it’s no one else’s business. 

Having served in the military and being vaccinated for a possible Desert Storm deployment, my shot record already looks like a legal pad. So, I thought two more (or three) might not hurt.  Again it’s no one’s business.

Liberals Including “deeply Catholic” Joe Biden believe when it comes to abortion that decision should be made by the mother in consultation with her physician and not her government, a judge, or her employer.  Why doesn’t that logic apply to vaccinations?  And I hope no one responds because abortion doesn’t kill like COVID does.

Brian Watson

* * *

Mr. Sells,

I'm going to take this opportunity to disagree with pretty much every word of your comment.  In my way of thinking - there is nothing honorable about ignoring science and medicine.  Personally - I don't get my information regarding COVID from Washington.  I choose to seek the advice of experts - experts in science and medicine.  Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ted Cruz, Matt Gaetz, etc. are not those experts.  In fact - they are the last people on this planet I would ask for advice on any topic. 

I've seen friends and family get sick with COVID.  Witnessing their suffering and knowing my taking a vaccine might help prevent one other person - if not hundreds - from getting sick with it - I am happy and excited to do, what I believe, is my duty to help get rid of it.  I believe this as an American and I believe it as a human being. 

I'm originally from Memphis - home of the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  Quite possibly the most inspiring place on the planet.  Maybe all of us should take a trip to a children's hospital and see for ourselves the pain of an innocent child suffering.  I do not see any honor in ignoring the vaccine and frankly, I don't understand how you can.

We know it is safe and we know it works.  I don't need to know anything else.

George Parker

* * *

If you have been vaccinated why should you worry even though many COVID-vaccinated citizens are getting COVID and dying. 

Makes no sense. What good was the vaccine to them?

In America you are supposed to have a freedom of choice and not mandated to. I mean dictated to.

Michael G. Mansfield
* * *
So very well expressed Mr. Sells and I for one stand with you.


For many who place their faith in a mandate to force vaccinations on all let me point you to the testimonies given Friday at the FDA for the attempted approval of the next round of “boosters” of this so-called “vaccine” which was voted down 16 to 2.


Although the testimony was eight hours long, many clips can be found of front line doctors expressing their concerns and experiences up to and including their opinion that the risks of cardiac and neurological damage do not outweigh the benefits nor the unknown side effects down the road.


Furthermore, there is testimony and references to the use of Ivermectin and other treatments other than the iron-handed mandates put forth as “treatments” which in my opinion are not as effective as what they are doing and seeing results in Third World Countries. Just as one doctor's testimony concerning “vaccine” hesitancy he made the comment that those of us who will not take this “vaccine” are more informed than those who are willing to roll up their sleeves all for a “virus” that is no more deadly (percentage wise) than any other flu which we’ve had to endure since the Spanish Flu.


Be blessed and ready,


Jay Reed

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