Any Investigation Into The Recent Event Should Be With An Open Mind

  • Saturday, October 1, 2022

There have been several instances here and around the nation where someone did or could have lost their freedom because an innocent touch was mistaken as sexual preying on a child.

The local priest some years back, out with family at a restaurant. His niece sitting on his lap and he was absent-mindedly patting and rubbing her leg. The Middle Eastern family living in Texas who owned a successful pizza restaurant who lost their business and had their children taken away. 

At a community meeting one evening while his daughter was sitting on his lap, someone mistook his "touch" as a sign of some type sexual play. That Middle Eastern family fought the charges to the bitter end and to the point of losing their business, but still lost custody of their two small children. Broke and broken, if recall is correct they were forced to leave the U.S. and would later move back to their native country without their two children. Forced to leave them behind in the care of who knows who? Maybe a real child sex predator?

When my youngest grandson, now 16, and I were out and about, which was often, I'd find myself being followed around town because "who was this brown skinned woman with this obvious very fair skinned, reddish/blond child (mistakenly assumed was white). We were standing in line once to get a food order when he reached up and touched my butt to get my attention (children that young often reach up and touch what's nearest to them-nothing sexual about it). I saw the lady not far away sneakily raising her cellphone to her ear and making a call. I anticipated what was to come, as we'd had police called on us before while out, and someone thought it "odd" a fair skinned white looking toddler didn't belong with this brown skinned woman. It didn't take long for an officer to show up, but kept his distance observing us from a distance. When he was satisfied there was nothing "weird" taking place and it was obvious we were related he left. 

I was actually approached by a woman while standing in line at a convenience store out this way where I live who demanded to know "where is that child's mother?!" Her mouth nearly dropped to the floor when my grandson called me granny and wanted to know why the woman (white) was angry. 

Some folks who see sex or something sexual in every touch, no matter how innocent the touch, are all too often struggling with their own personal demons on sexuality and twisted desires. Either they have yet to act on, have at some point in their lives acted on or are secretly presently acting on them while carrying on a public presence of nobility. They're the ones who actually need to be investigated. They project their own twistedness onto others through a personal lens where they actually reveal their own darkness. They take everything and anything, distorting it into their own image of grotesqueness. They even distort their faith to suit their goals. 

That's why any investigations on the recent issue of the Rainbow should be carried out with an unbiased and open mind. 

Brenda Washington 

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