The Vaccine That Could Cure America: Reversing Roe - And Response

  • Sunday, October 2, 2022

Dobbs v. Jackson, reversing almost 50 years of abortion on demand, is existentially a legal and moral/ethical vaccine for the United States.

Why? While the legal challenges and political fighting will continue for some time, this is the greatest reversal of a Supreme Court in its history. It is worth noting that official Reconstruction lasted almost 25 years in the old Confederacy.

The Supreme Court has reversed itself some 232 times. (It is really not that unusual.) It has made horrible decisions before, such as the famous Dred Scott decision in 1846, that basically concluded that blacks were not protected by law, thus providing basic legal protections, preventing them from having civil rights, and basically determined they were property, not human beings. It took a new President from a new political party, Republican Abraham Lincoln, a civil war which killed over 600,000 soldiers, the razing of 11 states, and two Constitutional Amendments, the 13th and 14th, to right this wrong.

The Supreme Court, on the other hand, stood by the treaties made with indigenous people groups. It was Andrew Jackson, the first populist President, who famously said, “The Supreme Court made the law. Let them enforce it.” This led to the removal of many tribes to the West, including the infamous Trail of Tears.

The American system of justice is not infallible. Why? Because human beings are fallible. It is made by free moral agents.

The overturn of Roe was inevitable. There is an agent more powerful than man. It is God. He will only suffer the shedding of innocent blood so long. He has acted and will continue to act till the end of the eon/age. There is a basic concept that is one of the bedrocks of Western Jurisprudence. It is the concept of “Imago Dei.” Human beings have inestimable value not because the law makes it so, but because all people are made in the Image of God/

If one reads scripture, one can only image the prayers of the millions of innocents before the Father, pleading, as martyrs, to right this wrong and recompense their innocent deaths. In this narrative, abortion advocates have no chance. See Revelation 6:9-11.

But abortion has always been a moral rejection of all things good. Ultimately it denies God. It rejects God’s order and law entirely. “Thou shall not kill.”

Science has never been on the side of abortion. How many women celebrate a new baby by hanging pictures of ultrasounds on their refrigerator, and celebrate the new life? The fetus is obviously human, it can be nothing else. It is obviously alive. The child grows from conception on.

But why is it a vaccine? Dobbs v. Jackson gives every person in the United States, the opportunity to listen to their conscience. It is an injection into the very heart of the postmodern view of humanity. People are not disposable. Their will is not their own. It is superintended by conscience, which is either anesthetized or invigorated by the culture surrounding them.

If Roe was wrong, and it is, then almost every person is faced with a whole new/old reality. Women are, and here is the social impetus for the current uproar, forced to deal with all the current notions of womanhood and sexuality. Men are forced to deal with their sexual appetites. Relationships that involve sexual intercourse must again be covenantal. Modesty suddenly makes sense. Parents must again protect their children from opportunistic predators. Parents must also teach and model for their boys that they must, once again, genuinely respect and protect females.

The decision ultimately flies in the face of the pornification of America, which has reduced sex to the level of at best, a casual decision to enjoy oneself.

Once upon a time, it was “Women and children first.” The women’s movement which really rolled out in force in 1963, with the publication of Bettye Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique. It is interesting to note that the first birth control pills, which had terrible side effects, including strokes, was introduced by J.D. Searle, big pharma, in 1950. Betty Friedan also started the National Organization of Women, which became a political powerhouse.

Abortion is now championed most by Planned Parenthood. PP was begun by Margaret Sanger who had advocated for eugenics, much like the Third Reich, did with Jews, Poles, Croatians, Gypsys and many more. Its political arm pulls in huge sums. Its research arm, the Alan Guttmacher Institute has been pushing its agenda-driven advocacy data for decades.

The whole history of Roe is full of deception. Most interestingly, both the Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade and the Jane Bolton of Doe v. Bolton were deceived by their lawyers. Both Roe, or Norman McCorvey, and Doe, or Sandra Cano repudiated their involvement before they died. 

Coat hangers? Fact checkers have looked at the claim concerning the huge number of illegal abortions before Roe. The only real data with mortality rates indicates that there were 888 deaths in 1945 and 2,677 in 1933, before penicillin and sulfa drugs were introduced. (See article by Glenn Kessler in the May 29, 2019, Washington Post.)

What a mess we’ve made.

Now states like California and others are talking secession. 

The Dobbs decision will be fought in every state. The Court has yet to rule on when life begins.

Only Kansas had this right, and it is being fought now.

Legal abortion is a nothing less than genocide. 

Everyone involved is a victim.

But thankfully, a safety net exists for unwanted children. There are over 3,000 Pregnancy Resource Centers though out the United States. There is counselling, forgiveness and healing for woman who have had abortions. There are more people who want to adopt than there are babies available, though this should be incentivized through the tax code by an act of Congress.

Reversing Roe is convicting of the heart and mind. 

This is the time to get it right.

Doug Daugherty, Sr.

* * *

Sixteenth paragraph, abortion data 1933, 1945. Hopefully, the writer of this opinion understand there was no "real" data to exist in determining how many women died or were left permanently sterilized by an illegal botched abortion. Strangely, and conveniently, the opinion skips over all the other years prior to making abortions legal and mentions only the years 1933 and 1945. Where's the data for all the years prior to the ruling of Roe vs Wade in 1973 allowing women to have a safe or safe as possible abortion? Was it oversight leaving it out? Conveniently leaving it out? Or just don't want to admit no such real data ever existed in the first place? 

Since abortions were illegal before Roe vs Wade, many deaths due to botched abortions would have gone unrecorded as the botched abortion being the cause. The deaths would have recorded as something other if only to  protect the reputation of the victim and their family. 

Then there are the women left permanently sterile from a botched abortion when abortion was illegal-there would have been no real way to measure how many women were affected and left barren due to having had one. 

Brenda Washington   

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