Weekly Road Construction Report

  • Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Here is the weekly road construction report for District 29: 

BRADLEY COUNTY SR-60 widening from the 4-lane north of I-75 (LM 17.2) to SR-306 (LM19.9): During this reporting period, the contractor will have short term intermittent lane closures throughout the project for utility relocation and moving equipment as work continues on new roadway alignment. Traffic on SR-60 (Georgetown Rd) will be shifted in front of Candie's Creek Cherokee elementary school to a new alignment. Drivers are advised to watch for flaggers assisting with temporary traffic control and reduce speed as the roadway is shifted to a new alignment. The speed limit has been reduced to 35 mph in the work zone.

[Summers-Taylor, Inc./Wagner/CNV130]


BRADLEY COUNTY SR-74 (OCOEE ST. N.E.) Utility Work northbound at LM 14.46: Shoulder and single lane closures from 6th Street NE to 15th Street NW. Motorists should reduce speed and be prepared to stop. Trucks, signage, and barrels will be present, 11/28/22 through 11/30/22 from 9 am - 3 pm. [2022-694]


HAMILTON COUNTY I-24 interchange improvement at SR-2 (US-11, US-41, US-72, Broad Street) and SR-58 (Market Street): Williams Street is closed to all traffic at the I-24 underpass to support the installation of new storm drainage structures for the new frontage road. Traffic will still be able to access the ramps to I-24 and US-27, but no through traffic will be allowed on Williams Street between West 21st Street and West 25th Street. Traffic will detour around the closure via West 21st Street and Broad Street. Signs will be posted. The contractor will be working on new bridge construction, storm drainage structures, and utility relocation. Chestnut Street is closed at the I-24 underpass and will remain closed until the construction of bridge #2 is complete. Detour routes are posted. The US-27 N on-ramp at William St. has been closed and it will be closed until the new alignment for this ramp is completed. There will be marked detour signs to use the Broad St. US-27 on-ramp. The contractor has opened up the new Broad St. exit off I24 and closed the existing exit to the Broad St. that is off the US-27 S exit. Traffic from US-27 S that needs to get to Broad St. will have to use the Williams St. Exit. There will be detour signs to direct traffic off the Williams St. exit to Broad St. Also, with the new exit there will be a new signal light at the intersection of the new Exit and Broad St. With the new traffic pattern, the motoring public needs to be aware of the changes. On Monday night of this reporting period from 9:00 pm – 6:00 am, the contractor will be closing the right lane on I24 East from MM177.6 to MM178.3. Also, while the contractor has this lane closed, they will be performing rolling roadblocks on I24 East from MM175 to MM178.3 so that the contractor can install the overhead signs on I24 for this project.

[Wright Brothers Construction Company, Inc./Curtis/CNU011]


HAMILTON COUNTY I-75 concrete repair from MM 6.6 to MM 12.8: During this reporting period, the contractor will be having lane closures in both the Northbound and Southbound directions on I-75 from 9:00 PM – 6:00 AM. During these lane closures, the contractor might have to temporary close some of the ramps so that they can work on the ramp.

[Summers-Taylor, Inc./Curtis/CNW046]


HAMILTON COUNTY SR-153 resurfacing from LM 3.5 to LM 3.7, including bridge expansion joint repair on the railroad overpass bridge (LM 3.6); SR-2 resurfacing on (US-11, US-64) from the NB interstate ramps (LM 20.6) to the Bradley County line (LM 24.4): During this reporting period, the contractor will have intermittent lane closures on SR-153, LM 3.6 to perform a resurfacing operation. The traveling public is encouraged to be aware of safety personnel and construction vehicles entering and exiting the jobsite.

[Wright Brothers Construction Company, Inc./Osbonlighter/CNW131]


HAMILTON COUNTY SR-17 resurfacing from the Georgia state line (LM 0) to SR-2 (US-11, US-64, US-72, LM 2.2): During this reporting period, there will be lane closures during the day as the contractor will be starting to mill the roadway. There will be flaggers stopping traffic as this work is being done. The motoring public needs to expect possible long delays as this work is going on.

[Talley Construction Company, Inc./Curtis/CNW213]


HAMILTON COUNTY SR-317 (Apison Pike) improvement project from SR-321 (Ooltewah-Ringgold Road) to east of Layton Lane: Lane closures and flagging operations will be required on SR-317, Apison Pike, for utility work. The flagging operations will be performed on 11/28/22, 11/29/22, and 11/30/22 from 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Closures will last about 2 hours per location. The contractor will have intermittent flagging operations during daytime non-peak hours for utility work, delivery of materials and equipment. Traffic has been shifted onto the new alignment of SR-317 by the existing intersection of Apison Pike and University Drive and by Eastview Terrace.

[Wright Brothers Construction Company, Inc./Osbonlighter/CNT336]


HAMILTON COUNTY SR-319 (AMNICOLA HWY.) Utility Work westbound at LM 1.42: Shoulder and single lane closures from the Railroad Bridge to Chattanooga State Campus Entrance. Motorists should reduce speed and be prepared to stop. Trucks, signage, and barrels will be present, 11/28/22 through 11/30/22 from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm. [2022-556]


HAMILTON COUNTY SR-8 (US-127) construction near Palisades Road (LM 15.2) to near Sunset Drive (LM 15.4): The contractor has closed the right lane going up the Signal Mountain Road from LM 15 (about 1/2 Mi from Palisades Road) to past Sunset Drive. This closure will be in effect for several months during the duration of this project. Also, there will several intermittent lane closures daily on SR 8 (Signal Mountain Road) as the contractor is working on SR 8 (Signal Mountain Road).

[Wright Brothers Construction Company, Inc./Curtis/CNW001]


HAMILTON COUNTY The construction of an S.I.A. to VW: The contractor will be performing resurfacing operations starting 10/20/2022 throughout the intersection connecting the S.I.A. route, Ferdinand Piech Way, & Volkswagen Dr. The new 4-way signalized intersection will continue to operatorial & traffic has been shifted to the new alignment. Traveling public should be cautious of the new traffic pattern and lane shifts in effect including a lowered speed limit. The traveling public should also be alert to the entrance and exit of construction vehicles & staff on and around the jobsite and the connecting roadways. Flaggers may be onsite directing traffic.

[Talley Construction Company, Inc./Osbonlighter/CNU221]


MCMINN COUNTY SR-163 bridge repair over Chestuee Creek (LM 11.7): During this reporting period, the contractor will begin removing asphalt from the bridge over Chestuee Creek. Traffic will be reduced to a single lane controlled by flaggers daily from 8 AM to 5:30 PM. Traffic on the bridge over Chestuee Creek on SR-163 at LM 11.74 will be reduced to a single lane controlled by a traffic signal. Maximum horizontal clearance will be limited to 11’. Wide load detour routes will be posted. Motorists are advised to reduce speed in the work zone. RESTRICTIONS: Horizontal clearance maximum 11’.

[Jamison Construction, LLC/Wagner/CNW282]


MCMINN COUNTY SR-163 resurfacing from near SR-2 (US-11 / LM 2.5) to west of County Road 750 (LM 8.9): During this reporting period, the contractor will have daily lane closures from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM to perform roadway striping and guardrail repair. Motorists are advised to reduce speed in the work zone and watch for flaggers assisting with traffic control.

[Wright Brothers Construction Company, Inc./Wagner/CNW112]


MCMINN COUNTY SR-2 (CONGRESS PKWY.) Utility Work westbound from LM 12.93 to LM 12.1: Mobile shoulder closure along SR-2 between the intersection of Congress Pkwy and Dennis Street and the intersection of Congress Pkwy and Rocky Mount Road. Motorists should reduce speed and be prepared to stop. Trucks, signage, cones, and flaggers will be present, 08/15/22 through 04/12/23 from 7:30 am – 5:00 pm. [2022-019]


RHEA COUNTY SR-302 (OLD DIXIE HWY.) Utility Work both directions from LM 0.01 to LM 2.5: Mobile shoulder and lane closures on SR-302 as crews transition work zones between SR-30 and Taylor Road. Motorists should reduce speed and be prepared to stop. Signage and flaggers will be present, 10/06/22 through 12/05/22 from 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM. [2022-643]

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