Joys And Challenges Of Relative Caregivers Helps Local Families

  • Thursday, December 8, 2022

Joys and Challenges of Relative Caregivers obtained its non profit status on Nov. 7.

Since that time, we have been able to provide Christmas gifts and Christmas dinner gift certificates to over 50 families, through the avenue of sponsorship and two very successful fundraisers.

We are in a position to help out a few more grandfamilies with Christmas for their grandchildren, up to age 17.  This is an application based program, with just a few questions to ensure that the folks who receive the benefit of the non profit funds qualify. 

We also have a clothes closet, which I keep at my home, to assist the grandchildren with necessary clothing.  Everything in the closet at this point is winter.  You will not be charged for the clothing, but will be asked to either come and pick them up or I will deliver them to you.  Shipping is high during the holidays.  All clothing is either new or gently used.  We have winter jackets, shoes, jeans, baby items, and other necessary clothing.  Again, this is an application based program. 

You will not be charged for any of these services.  The only thing we would ask is that you join our Facebook group and participate as an active member.  We are a 24/7 live thread forum, and video thread, where we meet sometimes just to spend some time with the group face to face.

We have a game room, where we meet and play games, such as yahtzee, spades, rummikub and just spend quality time together.

We have all been through similar situations and are all raising our grandchildren.

Please call me directly if you are interested and need some help with Christmas, or clothes. (423) 320-5088

After the first of the year, we will have programs for emergency move-in expenses, school supplies, emergency funds, newborn baby items, diaper program, and more.

We are here for you...let us know what you need.  Grandparents raising their grandchildren are heroes and we would like to take some of the extra stress of you so that you can enjoy this second time around.

The one stipulation is that you must have legal custody of your grandchild or have adopted.  A parent cannot be living in the home.

Catherine Becker

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