Fed Up With Robo Calls - And Response

  • Friday, August 5, 2022

I was just informed that my cell phone may become inoperable because of all the incoming spam calls which I’m receiving. Verizon says they cannot do anything about it as their employees are victims also to this “plague” of un-solicited robo calls. He further informed me that the FCC had levied a large fine against the company / persons / country responsible and that they paid the fine and have proceeded to carry on unabated and there is no end in sight.

Therefore I call upon my representatives to enact a law with teeth to prosecute those responsible for this deadly attack. You may ask why I say deadly attack as with my spam filter on my phone any un-recognized phone number is immediately being silenced with no identification of the caller only the number from which their computer was able to clone. I myself am looking at several calls concerning and upcoming medical procedure but due to the fact they are silenced and unidentifiable I’m unable to figure what call is legitimate.

Also, is the party responsible showing us that with their technology they can effectively shut down our phones due to innumerable calls sent out?

I see it that this has grown further than just being a FCC mater but also a Homeland Security issue in which we as a country should have technological resources to combat the security threat.

As you can tell I’m not a happy camper and I’m sure that I’m not the lone ranger.

Jay Reed

* * * 

EPB informed me of a service called nomorerobo. Go to their website exactly as I typed it and you enter the numbers you want blocked. 

While I agree that legislation at the federal and sate level should be enacted, this is a short term solution to some of the unwanted calls.

Leah Geraghty

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