Waiting For A Presidential Candidate With Character - And Response (3)

  • Friday, September 30, 2022

In the time remaining before the 2024 election for President, all of us have monumental decisions to make. Who can fill what will be void of leadership? Biden is too old and Trump is so burdened with lawsuits makes him very unfit and further dangerous for this country. Care not to believe that he is dangerous, just count the number of lawsuits pending and each one of them harmful to him but mortal harm for all of us. Joe is too old and I am older but I can no longer look beyond his many evident frailties.   

Who awaits that time of announcement for the presidency will determine the direction of the voter. Could it be Pompeo or could it be Mayor Pete or could it be some unknown? My personal concerns and fear is that there is nobody waiting and nobody that could bring the country closer together. 

There is no FDR or Lincoln character. Maybe they don't make them anymore, but the real issue is the divisions in the country . So serious that even the best of the fortune tellers are at a loss for who.

My fervent wish is that you please show yourself. Don't wait. The country we all love would respond to that gifted leader .Neither one of the proposed has that gift. 

Robert Brooks

* * *

I don't often agree with my friend Robert Brooks but he is 100 percent spot on in his comments about the 2024 Presidential race. Our country has over 300 million people, it's hard to believe the best we could come up with is a 80 year old senile guy who never had a job in his life and an egotistical narcissist who is interested only in himself. 

And I would also throw in the other 2016 candidate, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, who never did anything besides marry a guy named Clinton. If she had married Bill Clanton she would be a traffic judge in some Northern Chicago suburb.

As an old white guy I think it's time to give the ladies a chance, but heaven forbid not the moron we have as vice president. I would throw the names of Condoleezza Rice, Joni Ernst and Nikki Haley into the hat.

As JFK said 62 years ago, it's time to pass the torch on to a new generation.

Douglas Jones

* * *

It was encouraging to read Robert Brooks post.  It was a clarion call to what is wrong with politics.  The United States really has no unifying leader on the horizon.  We also need leaders in the Senate, House and in State and local governments dedicated to the country and their constituents, not solely his or her party.

But a single person cannot unify this country without the return of the "Loyal Opposition".  While Bill Clinton was able to work with Newt Gingrich, Gingrich really killed the "Loyal Opposition", which is necessary for a functioning government.  A "Loyal Opposition" will compromise, not block because of animosity.  

This country will not move forward until the hate and disdain for those with differing opinions ends.

I also believe that the Trump/MAGA cult is eradicated (yes, an exceptionally harsh verb), and the ilk of Kevin McCarthy, M.T. Greene, Matt Gaetz, et.al, and other MAGA national and state leaders should be voted out of office.  They "love the poorly educated" (Trump, 2/23/2016). They foster continued ignorance and hate only, and fortify deafness to other voices; their cult are those to lazy to think independently.

When expressed, opinions must be based on reasonable justification and facts and not merely what is published by any media.  Rebuttals to opinions must be constructive and informative too, and also based on reasonable justification and facts.  Merely saying someone or a party is wrong, or using the Bible as fact, not faith, does not vindicate ignorance and shows disdain for other religious beliefs. 

Both sides need to listen with an open mind to what others have to say.  I rarely learn from anyone with whom I agree.   Nevertheless, I expect responses that will ignore my appeal, exhibit lacks of facts for their posts, continue in ignorance,  and disregard for opinions of others.

Joe Warren

* * *

Mr. Warren,

The third paragraph of your response states, correctly, I believe, that this country will not move forward until the hate and disdain for those with differing opinions ends.  And then in the very next statement you call for the eradication of the Trump/MAGA “cult”.  I found this to be a stunning display of hate, disdain, arrogance and hypocrisy. 

You go on to state that both sides need to listen with an open mind to what others have to say.  Good advice, which everyone, including you, should heed.

Adrienne Hudson

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