The Rest Of The Story? - And Response

  • Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Oct 11, 2022, the National Archives announced they securely moved presidential records (Reagan to Obama) to temporary facilities near the locations of future presidential libraries. All facilities met their security standards and were managed by Archive employees.

Donald Trump stated others had retained classified documents so the “Archives” responded with, “Reports that indicate or imply that presidential records were in possession of presidents or their representatives, after they left office, or that the records were housed in substandard conditions are false and misleading” (Reuters 11/11/22). They didn’t mean Trump, of course.

In 1977, Jimmy Carter’s pick to run the CIA was rejected when none other than Senator Joe Biden produced the nominee’s sworn statement that he took classified documents home when he worked for JFK (The Intercept, J Scahill 1/13/23). Didn’t the “Archives” just tell us that doesn’t happen?

Nov. 2 secret documents were found in a Biden office, but we weren’t told for weeks and then more were found at Joe’s home. He insists he’s cooperating but only after getting caught. Then when Mike Pence said he found some at his house, some claimed they both found them and turned them in. That’s not exactly the way it happened.

Joe kept state secrets in multiple locations including his garage, some from his Senate days possibly from the last century (Reuters, N Bose 1/23/23). Where were the “Archives“ on this with Pence and Biden? They were certainly on to Trump, but appeared clueless that others had documents at their homes. Libraries seem to do better at tracking books than the Archives with classified documents.

There’s always more to the story with a serial plagiarist like Joe and it’s not Building Bach Better for him or the Archives. So perhaps a librarian could find Joe a book on the Idiot’s Guide to Proper Use of Garages.

Ralph Miller

* * *

Mr. Miller begins his letter with two paragraphs about The National Archives. While correct, The Archives statements address documents of Presidents only, and not other officials. These likely appear only to inflame conservative readers into sharing Mr. Miller’s continued animus of President Biden. As a tactic, it’s successful, but is not germane to the discovery of documents possessed by President Biden.

Yes, Mr. Miller, there’s always more to the story. And the story is The National Archives as you said, and I believe I pointed out in one of my earlier letters. I agree wholeheartedly with you regarding The National Archives.

Something that I also likely agree with you is that no official, elected or not, should have classified documents in his or her possession. Every case should be investigated, and it is being investigated concerning President Biden and Pence. I cannot answer why there was a delay in public notification, though.

Where I disagree is your using this forum to continue your animus toward President Biden without telling “the rest of the story”.

You state that “Joe kept state secrets in multiple locations including his garage . . .” We do know that the documents are marked classified, which may differ substantially from “state secrets” which are generally used in the context of national security. We don’t know for sure if national security has been compromised.

Until it is known whether or not national security was compromised, and I suspect it was not since there were no “neat souvenirs” of empty folders, as described by Trump.

You also claim “when Mike Pence said he found some at his house, some claimed they both found them and turned them in. That’s not exactly the way it happened.”

Mr. Miller, that is exactly what happened. While the public was not notified of the discovery until January 9th, the documents were immediately returned to The National Archives when discovered on November 2nd, and the DOJ notified. The DOJ immediately began investigating, including the appointment of a Special Prosecutor (Wash. Post, 1/12/2023, Timeline: Biden’s retention of classified documents).

Joe Warren
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