Unpack The Supreme Court

  • Thursday, November 23, 2023

Re: Senator Blackburn on assault on Supreme Court:

It would be better if the Senate did not waste its time investigating unethical things that the members of the Supreme Court do because those things are dead and done for and nothing could be done about them anyway because there was no standard of ethics to which the court subscribed. Perhaps time should be spent on working on the possible punishments for violations of a new code. I think that if Caesar’s wife was supposed to be above suspicion, then the members of the Supreme Court should also.

No one needs to waste their time smearing the members of the court, they do a good job all by themselves. Thomas has been under suspicion for some time and many wonder if his wife is, in reality, the tenth member of the court.

As for the statement that the Supreme Court is a co-equal part of our government, that is not quite true. There have been ethical rules for the other two branches for eons, but none for the court and that is the beginning of this travesty. As for the comment about the Democrats wanting to pack the court for a long time, there is no basis for a charge like that. There was an attempt to pack the court during one of Franklin Roosevelt’s early terms, but it was halted by his Vice President, John Nance Garner, who is more famous, however for his saying that the Vice Presidency is “not worth a warm bucket of spit.” There has been mention of doing it recently, since Trump packed the court with ardent anti-abortion Catholics who lied to the Congress of the U.S. to get their position.

The court should reflect the racial and religious make up of the U.S. population insofar as possible. There are presently six Catholics, one Jew, one Protestant, and one who is either Anglican or Episcopalian but raised as a Catholic. The religious make up of the U.S. is quite different. Twenty-three percent of the population is Catholic. Forty eight are Protestant, and just over two percent are Jewish. Twenty nine percent of the religious make up of the U.S. are called Nones who have no affiliation with any religious group. Regarding the racial/ethnic make up of the U.S, 13 percent are black, 75.5 percent are white, American Indian or Alaskan make up 1.3bpercent and Asians make up 6.3bpercent. Perhaps we should, then, “pack the court” at least to the point where a case could be decided that had little or no prejudice possible.

Raleigh Perry

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