TWRA: Regulation For The Sake Of Regulation Or Money?

  • Monday, May 29, 2023

Under the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, white-tailed deer became an invading nuisance that annually destroy millions of dollars in crops, cause millions of dollars in damage to property and vehicles, yet the TWRA still sees them as a cash cow to regulate for money.

You must pay TWRA for the privilege and their permission to protect your own property. 

Other  TWRA nonsense? Sixteen-year-olds are not allowed to hunt by themselves but can only fish by themselves if they buy an adult hunting license.

Of course TWRA has their spin but the facts won’t change.

No, I don't hunt. I have never even shot at a deer, but TWRA has blackmailed me for a hunting license for 50+ years.

Steve Campbell

McDonald, Tn.

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